Progress Report on Hut Von Mike die Schlafmütze

Here is the progress on Hut Von Mike die Schlafmütze. I am into the second skein of yarn. I have about five inches of knitted fabric completed and I’m well on my way to getting this hat done…by the end of the week. Per my new schedule, I’m not doing any crafting over the weekend, so this is sitting on ice until Monday.

I find myself missing the guilt of the hectic non-schedule I was keeping already but I feel, on balance, that this is going to be a good thing for me.

Regimented Scheduling

I’m probably going to regret this but…I think it’s time to dust off and revamp the old schedule.

You see, I’ve been knitting and crocheting for so long, that I’ve lost track of the last time I actually followed most of what was formerly my daily routine. Surely, you remember the routine I set for myself in strict hourly schedules?

I still have the old one on my wall and I do try to adhere to the basics of it, but I haven’t studied outside of knitting and crochet patterns and books in quite a while. While I’ve worked out, I certainly haven’t done it consistantly for the timeframe I used to do it and I haven’t turned the television on regularly in months. Nope, most of my time has been spent watching my knitting needles and crochet hooks at work. After that, my brain usually rebels and wants to be pacified with DVD viewings or the ever elusive sleep. This has resulted in my burning out over my work to the point where I don’t want to do it, especially the paid commissions. Surprisingly, I have no issue with the gratis projects. It’s the pressurized paid stuff that is getting on my last nerve.

Also, if I eat any less healthy, My Fitness Pal is likely to come smack me upside the back of the head. Since I started this enterprise, I’ve been barely meeting the nutritional requirements for a meal, let alone a day. I get almost daily warnings, in red, from MFP stating that my caloric intake is substandard and, if I want to maintain a healthy diet where I don’t end up sick, I should eat more. Yeah, it’s that bad. I normally eat no more than 800 calories per day on average. Well below the 1,330 calories MFP has as my normal minimum daily intake.

So, I think a more strict adherence to a schedule might be a positive thing for me. It’ll certainly free up my time, in that I’ll be able to give myself permission to sleep, eat, rest, relax, exercise, have fun and study. Also, I’ll be able to schedule in some time to force myself outside. Last time I checked, the Agoraphobia wasn’t going anywhere unless I fought against it. I can’t do that cooped up in my room with my crafting.

So, after a few keystrokes in, this is my new schedule:

I’m going to do this for two weeks and see how it works for me. If I find it doesn’t, then some tweaking will be necessary. I said “tweaking”, not “twerking”.

According to my new schedule, today’s agenda is one of relaxation. I’ve given myself a weekend holiday. :)

Beyond Here Lies Nothing…

Hello, I’m KaliTime Camaralzman and I’m Agoraphobic. I was going to do a video about this but…blergh. It’s just too bloody depressing. With Agoraphobia, you tend to take baby steps in progress, hold your ground or freefall in regression as far as the condition goes. Normally, I tend towards progression but today…and tomorrow, I took a somersaulting fall backward.

I had two appointments scheduled for this week and a third appointment I was going to accompany the Maternal Parental on. The appointment with the Maternal Parental had to be skipped owing to my receiving an important package the same day. Not too upsetting.

Today though…*sigh*

I was supposed to go out to Hunt Valley for a research study appointment but couldn’t make it owing to the massive pit of terror that opened up like a black hole in my belly. So I tried the breathing exercises and other Mindfulness techniques I’d been taught in the hopes that I could salvage the appointment and still make it. No such luck. I got all vomity and quaking about ten minutes into it and knew I couldn’t have made it out to Hunt Valley in time for the appointment given my condition.

That left the increasingly unlikely appointment the next day. That appointment was even further away, just outside of Bethesda, Maryland with multiple transfers and loads of those people things milling about the place with their lack of respect for personal space and their boisterous attitudes so early in the morning. The more I thought about it, the more ill I became until I found myself calling ahead to the contact person for the meeting to explain that I couldn’t make it tomorrow.

For the first appointment, I’m eligible to go back out as soon as I qualify for another study. For the second appointment, we’re trying to schedule something sometime in the near future.

All I can say is that I’m really not liking this illness right now. I mean, we normally have our differences but I was just separated from a sizable sum of money today which could have fed my pet bank accounts much needed cashy money.

Ah well, it can’t be helped.

Now that the rest of my month is free, I can focus on these commissions that I’m not likely to be paid for. *dark look*

You know, if I find myself not getting paid this time, I’m selling the pink stuff and keeping the rest for myself.

Thankfully, I have a few projects to look forward to rather than run away from. All the stuff I’m making for my friends including the most recent request that I’m doing for free. A little Hobbes doll! I’m overjoyed to be making that one. It makes the paid work seem less daunting knowing I have that and other cool projects waiting in the wings for my friends that aren’t unappreciated.

Tonight’s agenda is Doctor Who. I’m planning on watching Series Eight all by myself once and for all. I’m up to the episode everyone talked about, Kill The Moon. After that, I think I’ll dust off series one of True Blood and have it in the background while I knit. Nothing says knitting mood like bloody gore and gratuitous violence.

One good thing about my day: I managed to get Series 200 of Knitting Daily at a fraction of the price it normally sells for. I’m hoping to get more deals like that.

Now, to Doctor Who I go. Later!

On Hats, Projects and Hectic Scheduling

I’ve got two upcoming appointments I’m going to by myself and an additional appointment I’m accompanying the Maternal Parental to. Apparently, I’m back to the numb feeling at the present. I suppose that’s good. It’s better than puking my guts out in nervousness.

I’m on schedule for my projects at least. I’m currently in the middle of Hut von Mike die Schlafmütze with a projected completion date of Wednesday or sooner. Given that I’m not taking The Little Boy Blue Blanket with me to work on due to its size, I’m going to start Blodeuwedd The Hat (my own hat) to take with me to my appointments. It’ll be something for me to work on rather than focusing on my nervously churning stomach or palpitating heart.

Well, it’s either Blodeuwedd The Hat or another pair of socks. Though, either would make a welcome change to working with black yarn in a dark room. I must admit, I’ve mostly been knitting by feel on these projects. I must be getting old indeed to have this problem considering I used to knit in the dark, with black yarn, using only the light of the television to aid me. I’m so over that now. I could do with an Ott-lite.

If I should get paid for the Blanket and other commissioned items, It’s going directly into my anemic Savings account. It’s almost 2015 and I’m doing the 52 Week Savings Challenge…backwards. Instead of saving one dollar the first week and then two the second, I’m saving $52 the first week, $51 the second week and so forth for the rest of the year. I’m trying to stay positive about this but, between the Maternal Parental and my own greed for yarn and books, it’s unlikely I’ll save anything. Still, I’m going to try. Anything going into my Savings account is not coming out except in extreme emergency situations.

Given that I’ve gotten it down to the princely sum of $1.20, I can’t exactly complain about any savings. Now can I? :)

The very last book I am buying for the foreseeable future is going to be a book on socks. It’s called Think Outside the Sox: 60+ Winning Designs from the Knitter’s Magazine Contest by Elaine Rowley. I was blown away by some of the featured designs I saw on Ravelry the other day. The last DVD outside of Doctor Who (because of course, I’m getting that) I’m going to get will probably be The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, which includes the hottie. You’ll just have to ask who I consider hot in those movies. :p

I am really slimming down on my purchases over the next two years. No yarn, as I am giving up on commissions due to the lack of payment and respect from so-called paying customers. No books and no DVDs outside of Doctor Who. Lest you all start panicking, I am still making things for my friends, gratis, as I have promised to. In fact, not jumping to these unpalatable commissions will probably increase my productivity for the things I like doing. Let it be known, my friend’s list is select.

Woe to those of you out there who don’t appreciate hand knitted and crocheted items enough to pay reasonable prices, in a timely manner. The thing I still can’t figure out is, why do you order things if you’re not willing to pay for them? Do you think love alone pays the bills of knitters, crocheters, weavers, etc? Yes, we love our craft but the people we owe money to in this our consumerist society don’t want to hear that we only have yarn to pay them when the rent’s due or when the electricity’s about to be cut off. Do you tell your creditors that you only have smiles to pay them in? Would you work for nothing to make something for a super cheap ingrate not willing to pony up for your hard work? No? Really?! Interesting.

Sorry, people. Rant mode off.

Tonight’s agenda is Doctor Who Series Eight and working on this hat. Though, to be honest, working on this hat might prove difficult if I’m glued to Doctor Who. :)


Mike’s Hat In The Making

Say hello to Hut Von Mike die Schlafmütze or Hat of Mike the Sleepyhead.

I am presently ten rounds into the knitting of this hat and have hopes of finishing it by the end of the week. Ha ha ha ha ha.

It feels nice to be making progress after so long stuck in a sick rut. Last night, I just listened to music and knitted much to my own joy. I love crafting.

Speaking of crafting, I got the yarn for the Bigger On The Inside shawl today. 880 yards of Gloss in the colorway Winter Night. I had a chance to look at some of the other projects on Ravelry and I really like the stitch definition as well as the colorway when this yarn is knitted up. Drape was hard to ascertain but it looked like a good one from the pictures I saw. I’m considering getting some beads to make the TARDIS lantern and this would be my first time knitting with beads. I don’t even know what kind of beads to get. LOL

First thing’s first. Get all the current projects and commissions off the board before I start speculating on any other projects.

Going back to the hat, I’m in the process of switching needles. My cheapo needles will stab me for the last time tonight! I got a pair of 16″ circulars from Knit Picks and I look for them to hold up much better without filing down to a sharpened point at the tip. Hopefully, this will lead to even faster knitting potentials with much less blood loss. Time and practice will tell though.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go knit. :-)

Thank Goodness For Chase Brexton

I am so exhausted. I’ve been up since 4am and traveling since before 6:30am to make what turned out to be a futile appointment up in Reisterstown. Not for me, understand, but for the Maternal Parental.

For as long as I can remember, the Maternal Parental has had dental issues. She got the first of her teeth pulled when I was very small and has been losing teeth regularly since then. At present, she’s down to her last 7.5 teeth. I say 7.5 because one broke off the other day. This is where the rude and unhelpful medical service comes into play. I’d heard about a local medical facility that offered no cost dental extractions for those who qualify. Well, the Maternal Parental qualifies, definitely. So, we got up well before dawn and started traveling from where we live, out to Reisterstown, Maryland (closer to Glyndon) so she could, hopefully, be seen. We got to the location at 7:38 precisely and I rang the doorbell for the site. A very nice gentleman explained that the health facility was set up in the back and asked us to walk around to the back parking lot. Thinking that the Maternal Parental might finally have some relief, we obliged happily.

We got around back and met a man coming out of the back of the place and asked him if this were the place we were looking for. He said yes but that we might not be seen as there were already people ahead of us. He told us to try anyway though, and we thanked him for his help and hoped that we could somehow get the Maternal Parental seen that day. When we went in, we asked the two ladies who seem to be in charge about the possibility of being seen and were rudely rebuffed.

My mom, not understanding the process of selection, thought we’d called and made an appointment and one of the women rudely said, “Well, we don’t take appointments!” in a snappy voice as though she were admonishing a child. So, I’m getting pissed but remaining polite and the Maternal Parental is getting, understandably upset at the treatment. The Maternal Parental brought up their phone message, which states that eight people would be seen that day and was told, “Well, we already sent two people back” in a snappy voice before the woman further condescended to us both by holding up her fingers reiterating the number of people meant to be seen while explaining rudely that only six people were going to be seen that day and that some people had waited since 1am for dental work.

I then politely tried to end the whole debaucle by asking about the next possible time as advertised on their website, that being the 23rd. In a huff, I was told that they weren’t coming back to that location until January 6th. Wanting to end the whole experience, I thanked them both for their consideration and wished them both a Merry Christmas. No reply. The Maternal Parental was adamant about not going back over the rude treatment she received and I’m inclined to agree. It’ll take a while but we’re going to save up and go to Chase Brexton instead. I just hope her broken off tooth doesn’t develop an infection while we’re saving up.

Now, I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know how long they were on site. They could have been there from 1am. I don’t know what’s going on in their lives as they could have any number of stressors running rampant in their personal lives. Still, do you really have to reply to people asking basic questions about a service you’re supposed to provide in so undignified a manner? No one was rude to them. Heck, people are showing up and grateful for the free care considering the cost of dental work in Maryland. I don’t know, it’s just been weighing heavily on my mind all day since it happened.

Thank goodness for Chase Brexton.

Drachenwolle and a Finished Scarf

Okay, so I have a new obsession. Drachenwolle Sockenwolle Handgefärbt in the colorway Gewitterwolken Regenbogen.

I have no idea what some of that means but I love this yarn. Google it. For pity’s sake, Google the hell out of it so you can see its wonderous loveliness! I love the other colorways and yarns as well but that particular one really caught my eye.

Lucky for me, I happen to have a good friend who is also German. I also have other very good friends who are fluent in German. I’m, hopefully, going to get help from one or more of them in ordering this yarn as soon as it becomes available again. Right, my dear, sweet, kind, noble, generous friends? :D :D :D

Speaking of my friend, I’m currently knitting his hat. I’m about ten rounds into it and have plans to take it with me when next I’m out on trips around the Metropolitan area. I’m hoping to get this hat finished in a much quicker timeframe than the last one. So, hopefully, a week’s time will be more than enough knitting time for me to do this.

Oh yeah, I finished the first scarf. *fanfare*

I finished it Sunday morning, 7 December 2014 at around 12:30am/00:30. Now, I just have one more scarf in that project to do. I’m thinking of switching the yarn used from the colorway Supernova to Theatre. First, I must consult with my friend for that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m tired. I’m going to bed now. Good night! :)