Falling Down In A Feverish Heap

The past few days have been hell for me. I have the Flu and it’s one of the bad versions. I’ve been so listless that I haven’t felt like doing anything since I first started getting ill a few days ago. It had gotten to the point where my temperature alone was beyond what I could take.

If you can believe it, my temperature actually got higher than that. I maxed out at 102 before I got an intervention from my ex. Nice guy that he is, he bought me enough cold and flu over the counter medication to last until I can wipe this abomination from my system. I’m deeply grateful for him doing this as, to be completely honest, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could have lasted feeling that way.

It’s rather interesting how you selectively forget just how ill you get when you do get ill. This is the sickest I’ve been since I was 14 years old. At that time, I was dealing with the worst Flu ever. Thankfully, this is proving to be nowhere near as bad beyond the fever. It was actually so bad, that I was considering going to the hospital. *shudder*

I am going to call my Doctor’s office as soon as they open to make sure I’m doing everything right and to see if he wants me to come in to see him.

Aside from this health fiasco, not much has been happening.

I’m scheduled to give plasma and platelets in October. Yay. This will be my first time donating in more than two years. Hopefully, no further health problems will get in the way of me helping others. According to the American Red Cross Blood Donor app, I’ve potentially saved 237 lives with my donations over the years. I must get that number higher. Actually, that number should be higher. For some reason, all my old Whole Blood donations are nowhere to be found in my schedule history.

That’s enough rambling. I’m sick and it’s almost 3am. Later.

Ugh, I mean Oh! Fitness Schedule Restart

While I’ve been moving over the past few months, I have not been truly working out as much as I’m capable. Today, that’s going to change. I’m restarting my Fitness schedule. I have personal (Hand written journal) reasons for doing this but I’ll definitely benefit from readopting the full regimen rather than doing sixty minute dancing and walking with occasional calisthenics.

So, to recap my 120 minute workout:

  1. Fifty Push ups
  2. Fifty Crunches
  3. Fifty Leg lifts
  4. Fifty Seated stretches (touching one set of toes at a time)
  5. Fifty Seated Bows (leaning forward as far as possible)
  6. Fifty Standing Toe touches
  7. Fifty Side Knee bends (each leg)
  8. Fifty Front Knee bends (each Leg)
  9. Fifty Squats
  10. Side downward punches (for the duration of two songs)
  11. Fifty Arm lifts (each arm)
  12. Arm Flexes (for the duration of two songs)
  13. Hip flexes (for the duration of two songs)
  14. March in place (for the duration of two songs)
  15. Air punches (for the duration of two songs)
  16. Neck exercises (for the duration of two songs)
  17. Jog in place (for the duration of two songs)
  18. Leg flexes (for the duration of two songs)
  19. Air cross punch (for the duration of two songs)

This is going to be in addition to dancing and walking.

While my knee is still a bit hypermobile, I no longer have body pains which interfere with me working out to this level. We’ll see how long this lasts. Ha.

On the supplement front, I’ve started taking a new vitamin. Don’t laugh at this. Ah, what the heck? I’m laughing myself. I’m taking Well at Walgreen’s Sodium Free Prenatal Multivitamin/Multimineral Suppliment. I’m mainly taking it for its vitamin compliment. Specificially, the iron level. You see, I have serious problems taking some iron supplements and I usually get dog sick when I do take them. So far, I’ve had minimal nausea with this one, so it looks like a winner. Hopefully, I can get my iron levels somewhere near normal levels for someone my age.

It would figure that, now that it’s time for me to get up, I’m now sleepy and yawning myself silly. Earlier this morning, when I was desperate for sleep, I couldn’t seem to go back under and now, I can barely keep my eyes open. I’ll take this as impetus to bid you all adieu. :-)

Pest Control

Yes, I totally cursed myself with the last post. In it, I bragged about not having any problems with my plants. Specifically, I boasted of no signs of pest or diseases in my African violet.


I checked the potting mix five minutes after I wrote that and, like a cold wind from the North, the critters started appearing. Cyclamen mites in my African violet mix meant three plants were affected. Everywhere else were the squeaky beat of the wings of Fungus Gnats. The next time I declare something, let it be that I don’t have a penny to my name and I’m not likely to get the Spanish Lottery in my bank account?

So, to battle against this invasion, I bought some stuff called BioNeem. It’s “all natural” and is supposed to knock the pests in question right out with minimal harmful effects. That is provided I don’t breathe it in, wash it right off and don’t get it in any mucus membranes. Charming.

Well, it certainly knocked me out. That’s for darn sure. I sprayed a ratio of 2.5 teaspoons to a pint of water on all the soil surfaces of my plants and, within hours, the number of Fungus Gnats dwindled from several dozen to half a dozen. I saw no further sign of the Cyclamen mites after I drenched the African Violet with the mixture.

The vapors off of this stuff are insane. I had to turn my head and lean back just to breathe. I got the job done though, and that’s what’s important. According to the instructions, I have to wait ten days to spray it all again until I’ve completely eliminated the menace.

In other stuff, I’m still working on that blanket. The expectant mother is now in labor. I’m racing against the clock to get it finished before the new arrival. I love this pattern but, unless it’s for a toddler or older, I’m not going to make it quite so big in the future.

In still more stuff, I got the guilty “I totally should not have bought it” yarn today. It looks lovely and it’s going to make a wonderful afghan. Since I’m effectively on self-punishment until February, it’s going to be one of my few amusements.

In still more news, I finally met my new friend. He came to visit me on Monday last (Labor Day). We had a really great conversation. I look forward to more intellectual discourse with him.

On Tuesday, I went to The Place for the first time to fulfill my intake appointment obligations. All in all, it wasn’t that horrible compared with the bus rides there and home. It was also considerably improved (based on observations) compared with the Day Program I attended under the same auspices. I just hope that nothing at this new place causes my mental state to collapse. :-/

About the only other thing happening here today is the Maternal Parental and I watching Robocop. I’ve seen it before (probably way more than I should have) but the Maternal Parental has only seen it once or twice before and barely had a memory of it. She really liked it. :-)

On and On I Crochet…

I feel as though I’m stuck in a temporal loop. Everyday, I’m doing the same thing for hours on end, without end, until I get too tired to do it anymore. Temporarily, I walk away from the project, knowing, even as I do, it’s insidiously waiting for me to pick it up again. I feel so trapped by this project. :’-(

Anyway, I’m sixty percent of the way through the blanket. Progress is slow but I’m getting there. I’m hoping to have it finished before 5 September. Realistically, 1 September isn’t looking like a possibility. I don’t know when the baby is due but, if he’s due before I get this done, he’ll just have to wait for this blanket.

Other than that, my plants are growing well. They’re all thriving. I did have to take cuttings from the Coleus plants due to the pot tipping over a few days ago. They’re happily rooting in a takeaway pint size container.

The pineapples are growing like weeds. I’m currently making plans to get them individual containers so they can branch out even further and grow stronger.

The Snake plant is almost as tall as I am. I think that’s as tall as it gets so, I’m not focusing on making it exceed this.

The orange trees are half my height. Their leaves are dropping off due to being right over the air conditioner but, otherwise, they’re alright.

The pelargonium look to be ready to flower any minute now. I’m going to give them in particular some fertilizer tomorrow morning to give them a little boost for the autumnal growing season.

The lemongrass is growing tall and strong. It seems like the more water I dump on them, the bigger and stronger they get.

The aloe vera are all vigorous and healthy. I’m still waiting for the people they go to to come and get them or arrange for their pickup.

Last, but not least, my single surviving African violet looks very healthy in its new soil. No sign of pests or any diseases anywhere on the plant. If they’re in there, I’ll root them out tomorrow. :-)

Resigned Relief On The Little Boy Blue Blanket

Based on input from various sources online and off, I’ve decided to continue crocheting the Little Boy Blue Blanket to it’s full capacity of 50″ x 50″. It’s going to be difficult but, considering the alternatives, it’ll be easier to crochet it out than unwind yards of blanket only to crochet it back up again in less than a weeks time.

I will say this: After this, do not attempt to commission me for things unless I give the green light for such things to be requested of me. I am so tired, I could scream. After this blanket is done, I want to get the stuff done for my friends and then take a long self centered break from crocheting and knitting for other people. I still haven’t made my own Winter accoutrements. I still have socks on the circular needles that should have been made ages ago.

I tend to be too open and giving with my crocheting and knitting skills. Believe me, that’s changing. From here on out, I’m being selfish. I’d really better love you or you’d better have a darn good story if I’m going to make something for you for free after this.

I’m just tired of doing things for free for most people or of being taken advantage of when I actually do charge.

I will, of course, continue to knit and crochet for charities I’ve garnered a working relationship with over the past decade. That should go without saying. For everyone else, consider carefully what you think my work is worth. Don’t ask for the Sistine Chapel of knitting and crocheting and pay me a 3 year olds finger paintings worth.

Help! Second Thoughts On The Little Boy Blue Blanket…

I get just over 1,020 yards of yarn (Pound of Love) crocheted into the Little Boy Blue Blanket and I have second thoughts about the size. Why me?

So, I am asking my fellow crocheters out there to answer this simple question. Is an acrylic 50″ x 50″ blanket too big for a newborn baby? I am not experienced in such matters, hence my overestimation. In the interest of full disclosure, a good majority of the babies in my family tend to be on the big side, again hence my overestimation. Still, I think that the blanket is too big.

I have a day over one week to get it done smaller if I do decide to unravel it. Do you think it could be done? Do you think it’s worth it? Do you think I should just continue? For the record, I do have a yarn ball winder, so it’s not like it’s that great a difficulty unraveling it.

Never let it be said that I don’t go for the difficult projects. That Nazanin S. Fard dress will be mine given the stitch count I’ve put into projects lately.

Aside from that, I’ve been invited to view a play! Yay! My friends have a part in the play An Ideal Husband at a local community center and I was invited to attend. I’m really looking forward to it even though it’s semi-back in that place. Yep, I’ll be sticking my toe into the waters of Park Heights again for the first time since my maternal grandfather’s funeral where the funeral car line drove through the neighborhood.

I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I don’t feel like I’ll have a anxiety attack from it though. While it’s close, it’s not exactly where I grew up. So, I don’t have a direct association of pain with where I’m going. Hopefully, I won’t freak out.

Anyway, thanks in advance for your help. :-)