Ari’s Seder Table Topper

Finished this yesterday with seconds to spare.

I know it looks remarkably similar to the Maternal Parental’s doily but it is a different item entirely. It’s the same pattern but…this one has no mistakes.

I gave the doily to Ari last night and she seemed to like it. Now, I’ve got to get Lotta’s doily done and get my thumb checked out again so I can do Sam’s hat. I don’t know what’s going on but it still hurts, even after all the antibiotics and painkillers. It’s also a little warm again. I’m thinking that, maybe, the infection didn’t go away completely.

I really hope this isn’t something serious.

In other news, I’ve made a few changes to this blog. I added a Twitter widget in the left sidebar, a listing of posts I like on and blogs I follow. In the right sidebar, I added two schedules of events, as well as a picture of myself. So, for those of you who don’t know me, you finally get to see my ugly mug. :p

I went to a Seder last night. It was awesome! I’m still pretty tired from hanging out with so many wonderful people, so I’m going to go lay back down for a few minutes after I call the doctor’s office about my thumb. Ciao!

So, About That Thumb Pain…

Apparently, it was *dramatic music* Paronychia of the thumb!

Yeah, I had to google it too. It is evidently an infection of the nailbed. Mine is right at the joint of my thumb, so fingernails must be pretty darn long. Doc F put me on painkillers and the second strongest antibiotic I’ve ever taken. It’s something generic for Augmentin. I was put on 875mg horsepills. The sleep I got was insane but the antibiotics did the trick in lessening the infection. I just hope they clear it altogether.

My thumb still hurts, so I’ve been taking it easy on the crochet front. I haven’t done any knitting whatsoever but I have been doing crochet work on Lotta’s Purple Table Topper. I’m slowly going but I’m currently on round 13 of the doily. New pictures to come when I get to round 19 but here are two pictures of my work at rounds 6 and 10.

I like working on these types of projects because they don’t stress my fingers out so much. I’m still floored that I’m making doilies. When I’m not passing out from the antibiotics, that is.

Blast From The Past

Within the past two weeks, I turned 33 years old. I figured I’d post some old photos of me for the heck of it.

These pictures date back to the big snowstorm of February 2003. I was 21 years old and in shock at having grown sweet potatoes.

As I recall, three big ones and a series of little fingerling sweet potatoes formed in the black plastic pot I kept under my windowsill. The little ones, I saved to grow out the following year but the Maternal Parental threw them away. The big ones were quite delicious.

Yarn Diet Considerations

I am giving serious thought to continuing my yarn diet through to the rest of the year. I just don’t have the itch to buy any. I don’t know why. Normally, it’s an addiction I can’t do without. Yet, for some reason, I’m feeling at peace with not having new yarn.

The only yarn/thread I’m going to buy in this upcoming shopping spree will be:

  1. The yarn portion of the giftbox for my friend Lotta.
  2. The thread for the doily I’m making Lotta if what I have is unsuitable.
  3. The thread for Kathleen’s doilies, since I don’t have those colors.

After this, I see no need for me buying yarn. I’m going to carry this yarn diet for as long as I can but, unlike with past declarations, I’m not going to hold myself to it. Knit Picks might come out with new colors or something and then where would I be?

Working Through The Pain and Other Things

I am going to do something I’m probably going to regret.

I’m going to knit and crochet despite blinding pain in my thumb.

For some time now, I’ve had a nagging pain right in the joint of my thumb that radiated outward from said joint. At first, I thought I’d sprained it and had it taped up to immobilize it. Nothing helped though and the pain was as present as ever. I began to speculate that, perhaps, this wasn’t a sprain but, instead, was a tendonitis issue. Yay, me. Not.

So, I was going to wait until my doctor had a look at my thumb to confirm or deny my hypothesis. However, my addiction to crafting is getting the better of me. I’ve been trying to knit without using my thumb which has turned out to be an exercise in futility.

Here’s where the regret comes in. I’m going to try knitting and crocheting, using my thumb on a limited basis, for at least these seven upcoming projects:

  1. My friend Sam’s hat.
  2. My friend Kathleen’s three doilies.
  3. My friend Lotta’s doily.
  4. My own warm weather scarf.
  5. My cousin’s baby blanket

I’m going to do my friend’s stuff first because I promised them this stuff. I’m going to do my cousin’s baby blanket next because that’s a paying gig. I’ll do my own project last because that’ll sit on the hook if I do too much damage to my thumb by the end of all this. I hope I don’t do any damage but it’s good to plan for such possibilities.

Aside from that, I’ve got Cinnamon Basil coming up!!!!! My seeds have become seedlings in less than a week’s time. I have every reason to believe, based on past evidence with this variety, that these will grow true to my past experience’s expectations. In addition to the seedlings I have coming up in the Spider Plant pot, I planted more cinnamon basil in with the Lemongrass, Ginger and Radishes. Whether they develop or die, as I take the radishes out, I’ll plant new seeds of either lemongrass or cinnamon basil.

Then, as soon as I get the individual pots and a lot more soil, I’ll plant one full of lemongrass, one full of cinnamon basil, one full of coleus, one full of geraniums and one full of nasturtiums. With the rest of the pots, I’ll root plants for my cousin, my neighbors and attempt to clone the African violet, as well as the hopefully rooted pineapple and sweet potato vines.

About the only other thing happening in my life right now is my new adherence to my friend Douglas’s fitness regimen. He posted it on a site we’re both a member of and, given his level of fitness, I’m definitely going to give his methods a try. In this regimen, I’ll be doing way more muscle building than calorie burning exercises. He is RIPPED, so I know it’s going to work. I just hope I can keep up with it.

That is about all I have to say right now. I’m going to get back to trying to knit this hat now. Later! :)

Yay! Pineapple Seeds and Other Tidbits

I was nibbling away on a freshly cut pineapple this morning when I came across five seeds. Yes, seeds. In a Pineapple! I mean, I knew, as a fruit, that Pineapples should have seeds somewhere along the way but it was an abstract thought like Banana seeds. You know they must exist but you never think of them in the same context as the fruit due to the commercialized habit of offering some produce without seeds.

So, you can imagine my shock when I saw those little brown pips this morning.

I am so going to grow some pineapple!

According to the New Crop Resource Online Program’s info on Pineapples, it is suggested the seeds be immersed in sulfuric acid for a brief period to eat away at the seed case, thus increasing the speed and probability of germination. Ain’t nobody got time (or money) for that. :-D

Instead, I’m going to experiment. Two seeds, I’m going to take a nail file to. One seed I’m going to grow as normal. The remaining two seeds will be grown after being kept moist. This is going to be so much fun.

I’m hoping all the seeds grow to maturity. I’m also going to have another look at the skin of that pineapple to see if I can find more seeds.

My reason for buying the pineapple was to grow the crown and, it’s currently sitting in a pint container in an inch (4cm-ish) of water with my fervent hopes that it’ll root and grow to its full potential.

In other news, I finally got a sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) and I plan on sprouting that as much as possible considering how small it is. I’m hoping to take my very large container and grow a few different things in it, sweet potatoes being one of those things.

I previously grew Sweet potatoes successfully via a container in 2002/2003, planting in April of 2002 and harvesting in February of 2003. The reason for the late harvest was because I didn’t expect it to be more than an ornamental plant given I was growing it in my window. Imagine my shock when, on watering it, I saw the telltale salmon colored root popping up from the dark potting soil.

It was most delicious. :)

My Nasturtiums and Radishes are growing. The Nasturtiums look great with multiple true leaves. The radishes, don’t look as well but they’re getting leaves finally. Somehow, I don’t think this cultivar’s twenty two day harvest expectation is going to be met though. Instead, I will grow it for beauty’s sake.

My Spider plants, Orange trees, Snake Plant, and Aloe Vera are growing very well. I don’t know what my fern is doing. I’m at a loss for words on its growing behavior. The center is growing just fine with vibrant green leaves. The outer part of the plant looks like WWXVI hit it hard. If I only knew what kind of fern it is, I could remedy this with appropriate pruning, watering, fertilizing or howling at the moon.

My evil…erm I mean future plant plans involve planting a good number of seeds in currently existing plant pots as well as newly purchased pots. I have Cinnamon Basil, Coleus, Lemongrass and Geranium seeds as well as a lot of ambition in my hopes that I can somehow grow them all.

The Cinnamon Basil, I’ve had a lot of success with in the past but this is my first time buying it from a new grower. Previously, I bought it from Seeds of Change but this year, they didn’t have it, so I got it from Park Seed Company instead. I had so much good production with this variety that I’m sure, regardless of merchant, it’ll grow true and produce a bountiful crop.

The Coleus I grew four years ago grew very well. I got that from the local Box store’s garden department. It was Burpee’s brand but I forgot the varieties except that is was a mix. I’m looking for equal to greater success now that I’ve grown them at least once. This time around, I am growing Rainbow Mixed Colors.

I haven’t grown Lemongrass since High school, nearly sixteen years ago. Like with Nasturtiums, I ate it before it could reach it’s full potential. Much to my shame. This time around, I’m hoping to grow a full pot of it. These seeds are Burpee also.

The Geraniums I’m planning on growing are Border Mix and they’re also produced by Burpee. This is another plant I grew in High school Horticulture shop but I grew mine from greenhouse cuttings rather than seed. This is my first attempt at growing them via seed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these will reach their full potential.

Edit Update 13:00 (1:00pm EDT) – Resistance is Futile – Lemongrass and Cinnamon Basil Test

I couldn’t resist temptation.

So, I planted a few of the Lemongrass and Cinnamon basil seeds in with established plants. I planted the cinnamon basil in with the Spider plant and the Lemongrass in with the Ginger and radishes.

I’m a total loony.

I do hope they grow, but this is really a test to check the viability of the seeds. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Handwritten Journal Time

Wow, apparently, some things in my life are so inestimable, that I need to write stuff down in my sorely neglected hand written journal. It’s involving relationship potentials and, to be honest, I don’t want to hear about how some feel about things like Polyamory right now. So to my composition notebook I go. It’s wild but I haven’t had a need to write in it since 30 December 2007. I am looking forward to my chicken scratch handwriting being seen at length again. Now, I just have to find an ink pen that works…

Nothing much else has been happening in my life lately. I’ve been meeting new people, hence the need for the journal, knitting, reading, writing, crocheting and gardening. I’ve even got a bit of exercise in.

I’m apparently getting the Bissell 1623 Carpet Cleaning machine today. It was scheduled for delivery on the 12th but came from Horsham, PA, so I get it early. Yay! I’m going to get my clean on! I’m going to get my clean on! *silly dancing*

Got a little love note from Amazon to return the stuff Lasership never delivered. I was on that phone so fast, my head spun around. I had thought I’d dealt with this issue when I first got that laughable text notification saying that the package was delivered on Saturday, at the very time I was in the doorway, it was magically, invisibly, left at the front door. I got a lot of packages on Saturday. Lasership’s was not one of them. So, I sent an E-mail to them explaining the whole situation on Sunday morning. Which was why Monday morning’s e-mail came as a complete shock. I talked to a nice but hard to hear CSR and explained the situation. Hopefully, that’ll put an end to it. I am not going to pay for something I didn’t receive.

Any way you slice it, I’m mad right now. Lasership almost cost me $72.00USD. I hope I never get them delivering my packages again. From now on, I only want UPS, FedEx and the USPS to deliver stuff to me. *steam*

This post is a total trainwreck but I just have to get this morning stuff off of my mind.

Aside from all the recent trouble, my hair has been growing. I’m now at the point where I am seriously considering getting two packs of Curlformers to style my hair with using the Heatless method of many YouTube hair vloggers. It’s getting long enough to put into two pigtails, so the afro puffs are a little surfeit at this point. I am so low maintenance when it comes to hair. Read that as “Lazy” because that’s the truth. I see the Team Natural Hair Vloggers on YouTube and I feel so inept. Still, I’d better get into the habit if I want to keep my hair rather than get frustrated and cut it again.

On the pain front, I just taped my own thumb up for a suspected sprain. Go me! Seriously, It’s been really hurting these past few days and I’ve had no drive or means to get to the doctor lately. I have an appointment coming up next month, so I’ll take that opportunity to explain my delicate situation. You can imagine how this is making typing. I’m going to enjoy the respite of writing in my hand written journal after this fiasco. The Real Lifestyles of the Agoraphobic.

On the socialization front, I’ve joined two Gardening social networking sites. One is called GardenWeb and the other is called GardenStew. I like them both but, admittedly, I’ve done more on GardenStew. Both sites are valuable repositories of Horticultural information but GardenStew is more user friendly. No, I am not getting paid to say that. Wish I was. I’m starved and could do with some takeout. Anyway, my handle on both sites is “xantedeschia” if you’d like to connect. On GardenStew, I’ve got pictures up of my sorely poorly container garden in all its glory.

Okay, it’s official, I’m starving now. I’m wrapping this up by saying, I hope you all have a fantastic day. Later! :-)