It’s Too Hot For This…

Two things. One of these things has been on my mind since Tuesday afternoon and the other just occured.

The event on Tuesday was this: Two boys, no more than twelve years old, were playing chicken with the local Metro at Charles Center Station. The only reason I knew about them to report them was because they had jumped on the ledge outside of my exit door before the train stopped which scared me. At first, I thought that they had just popped up out of nowhere, intending on getting on the train but as I went up the escalator, I saw the two hanging onto the outside of the door. It was their obvious intention to wait until the driver started the train to see who would let go first before the driver entered the tunnel.

At least, I hope that was their intention. My nightmare mindscape also had the alternative of them trying to hang on in the tunnels with no idea as to which track the conductor might switch to at any given moment.

When I saw what was going on, I yelled at them to get off of the train and when they didn’t budge, I went straight to the ladies in the security booth and told them what was going on. In truth, they weren’t at fault because the whole place is still undergoing renovations to upgrade the ticket system. When I told her what was going on, she looked at me in disbelief at first but when I had convinced her, she got on that radio immediately.

I came back through the same side about an hour later and asked after those two and apparently, they came out right after I did.

Now, my question is simple. Where in the hell were their parents and what in the hell is wrong with kids these days? We never did crazy stuff like that when I was growing up. The most we did was jump up and down on a mite infested matress or something while some of the older dumber kids would hang onto the backs of busses, trucks, and cars in the winter when the streets were slick as a quicker means of getting from one point to another. Everyone had sense enough though not to play chicken with a 90,000 lbs/41,000kg underground metro.

I am guessing that they were down there because it’s one of the few places that remained cool in the 100F/40C heat but that’s still no excuse. There is a huge library downtown just minutes from where they were as well as a lot of other places that are free. Anything is better than risking ones life for such a silly proof of pseudo-masculinity.

Another question I have is this: Why was I the first to report them? They had obviously been down there long enough to think it a funny game to play so why didn’t any of the other passengers who had gotten on and off of the trains bother to report two barely teen boys playing chicken with the trains? Do they want to see these kids hurt? Good grief…just thinking about what could have happened to them breaks me out in a cold sweat. They’re lucky I’m not their mother. I would have had them in punishment until they were thirty-five doing backbreaking community service for anyone I could find who could use them. Then again, those passengers who didn’t talk are lucky too. I would have hit them because they’re adults and should know better.

The second thing is that I’ve just been religiously chatted up. No one seems to grasp that I have no interest in going to peoples religious places beyond academic interest. I have no desire to convert to anything and yet still they try. My mothers friend of several years who changes churches like some people change underwear apparently wants me to come to her latest fad in an effort to ‘save me’. Well, no thanks. I have been down the road with this one and know the curves and speed bumps. Now, to go and do the laundry and make attempts at deflecting any and all discussion since no one actually listens to me as it regards religion anyway.

Would someone please turn the snow on? It’s hot today. :’-(


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