Thank You Again Mister David Hewlett

I loaded Trillian and was minding my own business, not bothering anyone, when I got a few messages this morning. Most were from the Seedy Shark Crowd and I said ‘Hello’ knowing how the conversation was going to turn out. Given the sheer number of people on my ICQ list alone, I have the previously mentioned ‘double standard picture‘ as my default icon there because I haven’t done a clearout there in a long time and it’s long overdue.

This morning was certainly no exception to the rule. I got a message, presumably from a guy, who asked me the usually unwelcome ‘a/s/l’ to which I replied that all my information was in my profile. I then bemoaned the fact that no one seemed to read profiles anymore, despite them being there for the specific purpose of targeted conversations in that you’d find someone more likely to be receptive to what you want to talk about by READING them.

Oh now, this is just too much to ask apparently. Click a little button and load someones profile on ICQ? It’s practically rocket science and even the most prestigious MIT students have trouble with this. *scoff*

So, Idiot comes back about two minutes later and says that he ‘HATES GAYS’ to which I replied that I hate all people who hate gays and thanked him for being upfront about his prejudice and thus saving a lot of pain and heartache before I asked him not to contact me again.

Now, you would think that this would be the end of it. Oh no, he comes back a few moments later asking ‘R U A GAY?’ to which I replied that I was a bisexual woman but that, because of his prejudice, I’d lost all interest in talking with him. He then got snippy and said that he’d lost interest in talking with me too. Now keep in mind that he contacted me for the purposes of cybering and rather than reading my webpage, he chose to forge ahead despite the big warning in my profile against the action.

Big yawn. Well, he’s blocked now. I got the feeling that he was one of those ‘I like you now because I’m horny’ types and decided on making sure he didn’t contact me from that number again. Whether he does it from anywhere else is up to him but just to be on the safe side, I’m putting the picture back up on all my services. Be warned Wessam LOL. I’ve nothing against you but I need to weed this one out.

Thank you David Hewlett for making Century Hotel, thank you so much. I am clearing more shitty people out of my life from that one picture than all the screaming, crying, blocking, warning, banning, ISP reporting, and all the other stuff I’ve tried over the years have done.

I love this picture...

Fair use notice: Thanks to geek!love, and #1 David Hewlett fansite for the use of the images and descriptive references.


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