Grinding Teeth for Calcium

I am reasonably sure that grinding my teeth due to stress, anger, and emotional suppresion can’t be healthy. I am also reasonably sure that the sardonic irony of the title is conveyed appropriately. There isn’t really a benefit from doing this but doing it I am because no sooner had I stuck my head out the door to help my mother and aunt come inside than I got the ‘evil eye’ from my aunt, presumably for my bald head.

Years ago, this would have had me ready to burst into tears or at the very least questioning whether I should do more to somehow accomidate her prejudices but now, she’s looking to get her teeth knocked in if she steps over the line.

I go into the kitchen to finish washing the plastic dish rack I hope won’t be used often since we have a dishwasher and the second my mother left what she presumed was earshot, she started up. The question was tame enough but the voice and stress on certain words told what she had on her mind as though she’d rented advertisement space on the giant screen at Oriole Park or something. It’s only a matter of time before other members of the family and her get together and start their ‘speculations’ about my background, the fact that I don’t associate with them, and the fact that I never introduce people I’m dating to them.

I presume that this is one more thing they’re going to use to try to single me out from the rest of the family about. Nevermind the fact that their chosen ones are either on their way to an early grave due to alcoholism or on their way to prison from making their girlfriends human punching bags. Apparently, I’m one of the real problems in the family, though they hardly see me.

Blah blah blah.

Just needed a vent and I currently have nowhere else to go since a heavy storm is approaching my area. Cruel fate, although I hear lightning strikes can be quite fun if applied properly. :p

Hm, I wonder how taking my regular medication in front of her will affect this situation? Geeze, I feel like Phil Zymbardo now, figuring out psychological scenarios based on introduced stimuli. I am a bit peeved though because La Fea Mas Bella is on and the reception on the tv downstairs is much better but I daren’t go down there while she’s still here to avoid Vesuvius worthy conflagrations. *sigh*

Ah well, at least I have some vegetarian food to look forward to for dinner. After much spoiled brat behavior, an eerie run in with my 9th grade Biology teacher, and getting a ride home for free right before the Mother of All Storms hit the area, I managed to get enough veggie food to last and cooked a little thing last night which should last me the rest of the week at least with rice.

My show is on. I’m off. Ta.


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