Evidently, the recent outbreak of Mumps (epidemic parotitis) in the Midwestern region of the United States is having a direct effect on the Greater Chesapeake and Potomacs blood supply. They’ve got a new bit of literature available in the Before You Donate booklet which includes a warning against donating if you’ve come into contact with anyone who’s had mumps, the symptoms of said, or have had either yourself. This is due mainly to the outbreak spreading into Pennsylvania (North of Maryland) which is covered in the Greater Chesapeake and Potomac Blood Donation region.

It’s really strange to think about. Like with Smallpox and Polio, Mumps is one of those diseases that I have almost no experience in knowing about due to the vaccination and public health campaign methods in this region of the world. I went to school with older kids who did have a visual remembrance of it though but they were usually four or more years older than me.

I’m also a bit nervous as I was initially vaccinated in the same lot as the majority of people who seem to be getting it now. I was born in 1981 and so could very well be suceptible to this as the officials working on this think that the vaccination lot itself may have been at fault. I may have to ask my physician about this but from what I’ve read while its more serious, it’s not as much for me to go through as it would be for a post pubescent male.

Oh yeah, I didn’t make the hematocrit cut this past donation anyway…Better luck next time!


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