Economic Responsibility Both Virtual and In Life

After the fiasco of losing so much of my B$ wealth a while back, I decided to regroup and meditate on properly arranging my finances. I slowed up on the trading of bonds altogether and focused on studying how and when I seemed to be purchasing things both in life and on the game.

One thing that did stick out is my over reliance on the familiar when it came to purchasing, investing, and blindly going forth. In B$, I lost money because I was so comfortable with acquiring bonds that I had my head turns and was more focused on certain pairs of legs rather than the game. It hurt me and the sting was a real learning curve for me that made me focus more in my life.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the cheapest bastard to ever rise from the bowels of the earth and that’s an understatement. I hold onto money like some people hold on for dear life and only tend to properly invest it when there is a benefit to it coming out of my vice like clutches. Other than that, what little I have stays in the bank. So when I applied for a credit card a few weeks ago, being sure I wasn’t going to get it, I was shocked to find the offer and almost jumped for it. Something in my head screamed out ‘Don’t do it! It’s a trick!’ and instead of accepting from the website, I waited for the full agreement to come in the mail only to find out that I would have been BURNED had I gotten this card.

It seemed like they charged for everything from making purchases, withdrawing money, to even wiping my own behind with the wrong color and brand of tissue. Ok, part of that was exaggerated but you get the idea. So, in this case, it was a good thing I waited, otherwise, I would have been seriously burned at a time when I could least afford it. I am planning on going back to school in the autumn and I don’t need one more thing on my shoulders making me more nervous than I already am.

Another thing that recently was a good economics lesson happened when I was doing the usual big item household shopping. I was on a site that seems to be going downhill lately and was searching for cleaning implements like detergent, vacuum cleaners, etc for a cheaper price than is available locally. I had almost bought what seemed to be a really good deal on 45lbs of detergent at around $37.00USD and was in the process of calculating my order which, according the the policy only came to $10.00USD shipping.

When I went throug the motions of putting the order through however, something kept sending the total over the limit I had set for my shopping on this site. I took everything else off, thinking that maybe an indie merchant was charging an arm and a leg and I was right. It was the same detergent making the bill skyrocket. The ‘allegedly’ cheap detergent had an S&H cost of over $50.00USD which would put the price into the high $80.00USD in price. It was this that pushed it over.

Being determined, I remembered seeing something about a site called and went there to see if they sold the same detergent. Not only did they sell it but to top it off, they sold it for about $50.00USD cheaper than the prior site. If this order turns out well, they will be getting my bulk orders from now on. On top of the fact that they have a lot of stuff on their site that’s going for cheaper, they also have a mandatory 2.50 shipping and handling charge. So far, nothing more than the promised bill has been charged to my account, so I’m hopeful that this will turn out well.

They’ve got a few nice beds there, so this might finally get me up off of the floor, unless someone would like to buy something off of my wishlist? Didn’t think so… :p

I had a problem with supplies on the prior site where they had something one minute and seem to have completely lost it the next. No one on earth could possibly have that dire a need for some of the things I was getting so, I waltzed on over to and got a better deal there than I had gotten through the site or even locally for a lot of merchandise. I even found my favorite old cough drops, Fishermans Friend, while there.

So from now on, if this works out mind you, I am going to the shame site for bulk orders where I can get free shipping only unless they have a really cheap price for something. Everything else, I am doing exploratory research to see which sites might be good.

Oh yeah, for my fellow Cheapniks, as far as I know the Lot Stores at Lexington is closing, possibly for good. I saw the signs saying that everything must go with my own eyes as well as a number of deals. If you haven’t already, get down there while the getting is good. If you’ve got something you need to get for a really low price, please check out one of my favorite stores to shop at while it’s still there. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do when they’re gone but I’m hoping it’s either relocation or renovation and not full closure. *sniffle*


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