Have We Thoughts Within Our Heads?

The last, rather humorous, day I was meant to donate was on the allegedly dreaded date of 06/06/06. Sadly, due to my usual iron deficiency issues, I was not able to donate but had a good time of using my one good talent of frightening the hell out of people by joking with the phebotomist. I did convincing impersonations of Chucky from Childs Play, a pretty substantial ‘demon/Cyberman laugh’ and made enough references to the creepy oddities I experienced that day to have one of the phebotomist (playfully!) running me out of the place.

I don’t normally have as much fun aside from Hallowe’en. I’m going to miss that day. Yeah.

In all the fun, I forgot to set my appointment for my next try and today, I got a reminder call from presumably one of the Westminster volunteers who call people. All in all it was a nice call. When she heard that I was usually deferred due to iron issues, she made suggestions but I am pretty much doing everything physically possible to keep my levels up. It’s just a weird thing with me that my crit stays lower than normal for no apparent reason.

When she heard all the things I had been doing, from drinking Orange Juice like it’s water to taking suppliments to eating half an acre of tofu, raisins, etc, she kind of paused before suggesting it might have been around the time of my menses. Nope, sorry. I am normally lowest directly opposite my time of the month and as usual, this disclosure produced headscratching as much as it normally does with everyone else.

So, after our conversation, I got to thinking that others must have a similar problem and even more others much have solutions that could meet the needs of the former. I thought that the full plethora of iron building foods and drinks might be a good topic for this blog entry. Does anyone have any special favorite that works for them?

In the interest of disclosure, I should state right now that I’ve recently gone full vegetarian (Ha ha, I know…. I know…), so my dietary preferences are more plant based. I welcome any suggestions though as anyone eating allowable meat could come back and read this blog for information. So, have at you! :p


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