Digging Deeper

I am trying to dig deep into my memories to figure out when first I became responsible. There’s quite a bit of financial trouble brewing here and I seem to be the only one doing my best to cover the bills rather than party hard on the last economic resources we have.

Of course, stupid family (those people one is allegedly meant to turn to in the hour of need?) have no desire to so much as lift a finger to help, so it’s effectively all on my shoulders again even though I didn’t actually make this problem. My mother did, but I’m the one doing damage control as usual. I don’t know why I expected anything more out of them. This is their normal routine and has been for as far back as I can remember. It really is rather pathetic to be eight years old and left ‘in charge’ of your post-op mother who’s just had surgery on her thyroid or who is ill from smoking so much that she had to go to hospital and none of your relatives ‘feel like’ taking you in at eleven years old, so you go to your moms best friends place.

What’s even more sad is that her friend or even people who are near strangers stand up for the situation more so than your own blood relations do. As I said in prior posts, I am not going to dwell on those people anymore than necessary. Short of a medical emergency, see if they get helped in the future though…

This is something that I and I alone will resolve with or without them, though the latter will probably be more likely.

I did find something interesting when I went to Catonsville for the Knitting class. I am technically walking distance from the Security Square Mall. I had thought the distance more than what it is and now that I have this information, I might disappear for a few well timed long walks for my sanity.

My basil is growing pretty strong now. It’s almost fifteen centimeters/six inches and looks beautiful. I just put something down to dissuade the ants who decided to take up residence in my pots today and I’m hoping it will work. They ran from it the second I put it down, so it must work on some level. I just hope it gets out of the plants system by the time I want to eat it.

We had a pretty good rainfall this morning with more promised by the meteorologists for the rest of the weekend, so I’m hoping that this will help the potato and ginger I have planted. Oh yeah, the ginger. I couldn’t get out of the house due to the irresponsibility of others and had to wait at home for some important deliveries over the past few days. My ginger couldn’t wait so, I converted an old colander into an improvised pot. I lined it with a shopping bag and poked a few holes in the liner with a nail after filling it with soil, the ginger root, and a topping of more basil seeds before sinking it into a bowl of water to drink.

Take that MacGuyver…

Seriously, I hope the ginger comes up soon. I hope the seeds also come up. Lemon and Genovese Sweet Basil in my food sounds really good right now as would a cup of spiced tea.


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