Allergies or the Common Cold?

Right now, I am sniffling. I’m having all the symptoms of a cold but I’m pretending it’s allergies to justify going to Artscape this year. Whichever it is, I hope it clears up before the festival.

I haven’t been doing much lately except ressurecting the dead…profiles and accounts I have on Tribe and Maktoob. In my recent switch from Yahoo to Gaim as a messenger, I keep getting the annoying e-mail popup and rather than find a way to shut it off, I’ve instead focused on the enormous amount of e-mail I have in my Yahoo! Mail Inbox. Please keep in mind that the overwhelming majority is spam. I wouldn’t use that account unless someone paid me to.

Yet, with Maktoob (for some reason) it collects the messages to the 1000mb box on their servers, thus saving me the annoyance of having to go through the motions of shutting off the notification. This probably won’t make any sense to me whatsoever when my head isn’t filled with snot like it is now.

With Tribe, it’s a bit different. I met a rather nice person online a while back who’s a frequent Tribe user and it was actually him who got me ‘re-interested’ in my old profile. Now that I’ve got the Suprglu account, it’s quite interesting to work on that profile. Who knows? It might be good for school too. I’m in the process of formatting my older and newer pictures so that I can put some up on the site right now.

As I’m also going through my entire music collection as an alternate task to keep busy, don’t hold your breath for those pictures to be put up right away. :p

Ah well, back to the pictures and maybe the music. If you’re interested, please check Tribe and Last.FM out.


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