The Florida Calls

Ok, someone must be very stupid. While I’ve seen quite a few ‘out there’ names, I’ve yet to see anyone specifically named anything close to ‘KaliTime Camaralzman‘.

Someone had been calling me over the past week and a half, asking for ‘KaliTime Camaralzman’ but they wouldn’t leave a message nor would they tell why they were calling. I finally had a chance to talk with the darlings today. Sure enough, it was a credit card scam. The nice lady *neck crackle* who gave me what she thought would be an influential “God Bless You” before she went into it, proceeded to ask me about the checking account that never was and the purchases I had recently made which had entered me into this alleged contest that I’d never heard of.

Do I look that stupid? Don’t answer that…

Before she even had a chance to dig in, I countered her by explaining that I didn’t have any of what she claimed I had and after another “God bless you”, she hung up. Ha.

Two things:

  1. I find it very funny that she said the whole “God Bless You” routine, given that I put it up just about everywhere that asks that I’m an Atheist.
  2. This could only have come from one thing. That one thing is going down.

It pays to use pseudonyms. Yep.


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