Ah Today…

Today was a very interesting day. In one small day, I managed to break a chair and one of my favorite DVDs in one fell swoop.

I was leaning back on my chair, so I supposed it’s my just deserts to have this happen to me. I leaned back one too many times and before I could even register the crackling sound of one of the chairs feet breaking, I had fallen backward. In the process of doing this, I did register another sound which I initially thought was the sound of my truly dear Idir CDs. I think my heart would have cracked if it had been that but it was only the next worse thing. One of my David Hewlett movies got blasted to smithereens. What’s left of it is bent and the case literally cracked into two pieces.

So, that’s about fifty dollars US, assuming the price of the chair hasn’t gone down and the price of the DVD went back up. I got the Treed Murray (Get Down!) on sale one morning. I got the chair from my favorite place, the Lot Store and I am fervently hoping that the store location closing at Lexington Market will have them on sale for even cheaper than the reduced price should be since they are going out of business and trying to clear their stuff. Strangely, I seem to be one of the few people who consistantly go into that chain of stores for any type of computer or office supplies. Most of it is simply surplus and has just as good if not a longer half-life than the allegedly good stuff.

Even all this talk is up in the air as the financing of school comes above all of this. *sigh*


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