So, Are You Going To Eat Steak?

Ok, hands up everyone who understand that the general meaning of Vegetarian? Ok, good. How many people would say that to someone who declared being a Vegetarian? How many would balk at someone who did say that knowing that you had adopted the life choice of being a Vegetarian?

Well, you ought to come over and be my parent if you’re as horrified by that as I was this morning when my own asked me that repeatedly. We’re going to an even larger family event than the one at my new uncles and aunts place last weekend. For some strange reason, people expect me to suspend all notion of real life credibility and just eat everything they’re eating. I only did that the one time last weekend and ended up making myself sick as hell on a piece of chicken. So, no thank you this time around. I am eating a bunch of popcorn right now to hopefully fill up (ha!) before the get together in Druid Hill Park.


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