Critical Need

My local needs people to donate. Plain and simple. I wish I were an O type so I could be more universally received by others and thus be in a position to give more but I’m a B Positive. While it’s highly needed here, given the high number of people capable of receiving B+ blood, I feel like it’s not enough. Especially with the blanket anemia deferrals I’ve been getting lately.

One good thing is that the granola I got from really worked in building my Hematocrit back up. I jumped four whole points in two weeks which is pretty good considering this is the Queen of the Anemics typing this. I’ve got to order some more or find a way to get down to MOMs and get some out of their bulk bin. If I keep eating it as regularly as I was a few days ago, I should be at a count of 40 within a month. Heady. I don’t think I’ve ever been beyond 40 before.

A lot of people came in on Friday when I was there but most were whole blood donors. That’s all well and good but it takes 3 to 4 whole blood donors to make up what apheresis does in one sitting. On top of that, one can do apheresis every three days if needed with a recommendation of every week to two weeks as a standard. Depending on how you give, you get most of your red cells back right away and usually come out of there feeling better than when you went in.

On top of this, you get to watch a movie, listen to music, or whatever you want while donating. *puppy lip and eyes*


2 thoughts on “Critical Need

  1. Kali,

    Any chance you could add us to your links? We’re in the Trenton, NJ area. Summer is particularly difficult with blood donations… everyone’s on vac and durned few folks walk in. And we’ve had almost no rain this month to boot.

    Most of the donors who’re coming in are our regulars

    BTW, you might try spinach & raisin salad to boost iron. Or a time-release iron supplement a couple of days beforehand.


  2. Hi, I apologize for taking so long in replying. You are now linked!

    Thanks for the recommendations. Spinach normally doesn’t work for me but I have found that pasta works wonders. I normally eat veg*n friendly pasta to kick my crit up a few notches.

    Sadly, I’m one of those people who get ill from taking iron suppliments. Heh, so my options are limited.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great one. 🙂


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