I Can Finally Knit

While waiting for my aunt to pick us up and drive us to St. Peter Claver Roman Catholic Church this morning for my grandfathers funeral, I decided to see if I could finish the scarf I had started two days prior as a distraction from all the stress and grief passing around about me. So, I looked at one of the videos for binding off stitches that I got from Knittinghelp.com and studied it for a bit before making a rather brazen attempt on my scarf. I managed to get it right on the first try and can now consider myself a knitter, I suppose.

I still have a long way to go though in that a badly knitted hat and scarf made with a basic stitch is not my idea of knitting. So, I’m going to study more of these videos and maybe get the CD offered on the site as Amy Finlay is a very good teacher. I have picked up more from her videos than I did from years of reading books and websites about the subject.


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