I so need a life…

Now that I can at least do a basic knit stitch, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time doing just that. I am at the point where I’ve decimated an entire half pound of yarn and I’m already itching to get at the other half. So far, I’ve made the hat seen in earlier posts and two scarves. I am going to start on a third and thanks to Knittinghelp.com, I will have a new way to start it as I’m still studying those videos even now.

But first, I feel I should relax myself and take a bath. I’ve been taking showers so brutal that military people on water ration might complain about cruelty and all in an effort to get back to my knitting as soon as I reasonably could.

Yes, I am now obsessed but at least I’m getting something out of it. Namely the skill to make useful things.

I’ve even checked out the main website for my favorite yarn. Caron makes a one pound skein of yarn in a variety of colors and if their wishlist were exportable to a url, I would have it up here like a shot as they have all the colors I like and I’m familiar with their product. It washes well and wears good as well. It’s also very warm as I’m finding out with me wearing my hat to bed as a nightcap to keep warm in these recent cool mornings. Sadly, the wishlist doesn’t seem to be resendable beyond e-mail as far as I’ve been looking at the site so I’m just going to have to look at their website to buy certain items when I have the extra cash and put what I can find via Amazon on my wishlist.

It’s too bad too. They’ve got a really cheap pound of yarn that I wouldn’t mind buying/putting on a portable wishlist. Well, putting up because college ate all my money. 😀

So, with the half pound of black yarn I’ve got left, I’m making scarves for people but I’m going to be experimenting with different knitting techniques as I feel confident enough to try them.

I should probably sleep…it’s been five days since I had a ‘normal’ night of sleep that didn’t involve knitting in some way but I must admit, I’m hooked! *groan*


2 thoughts on “I so need a life…

  1. Hi. I just added this blog to my links list. I will add the others shortly. I had to redo my blog over the last few days and I am still putting the links back together. Anyways, you view your link at staticbrain.com In the “electrify your mind section”. I also plan to write something on that blood site and link it too.


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