The Hat From Hell

This is my first official knitted project, though, I didn’t intend for it to be what it turned out to be.

I took a class on 20 June 2006 with the intention of learning how to knit but I somehow managed to pick up increasing without realizing it and proceeded to knit this ‘thing’ until it grew quite unwieldy on my needles. I went from 36 cast on stitches to over 50 as I had a harder and harder time of keeping everything on the needles. Still, I was determined not to let mistakes stop me nor provoke me into unravelling what I had done already.

Eventually, I got tired of trying to work with what I had and finished it off by using my yarn needle to drag a thread of yarn through the remaining unfastened stitches. Keep in mind that I was originally intending on learning how to cast off when I went to the next promised class in December. Ha.

Once everything had been looped together, I was left with a mostly symmetrical object which was wider at the base than at the top. Then inspiration (serendipity) hit me like a bucket of water and I decided to turn it into this…heh… unique hat.



I seriously question your sanity if you want the plans for this but in case you do, It’s pretty much a basic knit stitch with a loop added onto every end once you finish knitting a row. It will eventually expand on its own. Might I suggest that you use much longer needles than my ten inch long 8US 5.0mm as my hands hurt like everything when I eventually gave up.I used the one pound black Caron yarn. The dye lot number was 503 and is included among yarn choices on my wishlist. I happen to like this yarn very much as it takes quite a beating with me knitting and then unravelling everything I do for practice with different types of stitches. Plus, it’s acrylic and that allows me to make things for the vast majority of my veg*n friends without worrying about offending them.


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