Wooden Needles

No, this is not another blogpost about the denizens of Baltimore City Drug Culture.

Geeze…you people… :p

This is, in point of fact, a blogpost regarding me whoring my needle making abilities. I am currently putting the finishing touches on the knitting needles I made out of some wooden sticks that had been lying around my person since I was in the seventh grade.

I felt my Inner PBS woodworking show a few days ago and decided to make my own woody goodness via a plan I saw on the Knittinghelp.com site. What I ended up with was a few nice needles that needed smoothing down. I could knit with them, theoretically but the yarn kept snagging on the rough patches when I tried to move it over them as I moved to a new stitch.

Then suddenly, serendipity kicked in, and I remembered that I had a buttload of nail polish I don’t use anymore. As it was just sitting there doing nothing, I decided to conscript it in the cause of smoothing my needles down. Cheap Bastardness kicked into overdrive as I painted over one of the needles as a test. It’s currently drying on my television.

If this works out, then I’ll have a bunch of shiny, glittery, iridescent knitting needles to work with. 😀

One will be iridescent blue, one dark red, one gold and silver (ambition muahahahha) and the big single point needles, I’ll probably paint blue with glitter.


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