As If Things Weren’t Bad Enough…

FOX is apparently branching out into gawdawful badly acted programming…well, even further out by starting this new coprolite of a network.

I’ve been seeing the commercials for this netowrk on my local current UPN station and I was wondering what it was all about until they finally started putting a url at the bottom of their advertisements.

I am so glad I’m going back to school. It’s a mercy that I won’t be here to see most of this stuff.

Even if I were, I think I’d have to start a new world religion based on my high level of PBS watching lately. I seem to live in the Twilight Zone and have access to three PBS style Public television stations (WMPT, WETA, and WHUT) as well as MHZ. All offer a wide variety of great programming that’s interesting and from a range of perspectives without being the crappy dumb downed drivel currently being put up as the future of television by the main networks.

In future, I must remind myself to put aside money to donate to all four stations at least once a year with a big “thank you” for not stooping to the level of sewer slime (sorry slime!) in programming ideas.

As far as the few things I do look at outside of PBS and MHZ, I hope they keep them on so I can watch them. Otherwise, with the exception of a few shows, it will be news and then straight to anything other than the networks.


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