This Sounds Fun

While I flip through the channels to try to get as wide a range of opinions as possible, I’ve been cutting out on certain news agencies myself due to their lack of credibility in reporting the truth without spinning it off into the vast distances of Interstitial Space. This leaves only a few organizations from which I regularly get my news from and given that I’ve yet to find a gaping credibility gap with them as has been evidenced from others, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be watching them for a long time yet.

From the Otowi Blog:

“The truth is I think so many of us are down and depressed. We need to try to get out of that and cling to hope and cling to anything we can do, however small, for truth and justice anywhere in the world.

Terrorism must stop – be it state-sponsored or otherwise. I hate that word – it is so misused today – that would be a whole post in itself.

But for anyone in blogger land and beyond who wishes to join me, I think we should start a boycott of biased media – spread the word! Let’s share information about sources of news that we feel are lessed biased and let’s not contribute another millionth of a rating point or advertising dollar to those who don’t deserve it.

A lot of people are ‘addicted’ to watching this stuff and it only feeds their anger and frustration. No more, it is time to stop, we CAN get our news elsewhere and now it is time to make sure we do.”

(More here)


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