Things So Far…

My week so far is going pretty good. I haven’t been late once. I haven’t pissed anyone off. In fact, I’ve been early so far by at least fifteen minutes and even though I’ve been sick, it hasn’t prevented me from performing my duties in classes. WTF is in Depakote I ask the Multiverse?!

Cried over a computer chair while on my way home from downtown. It was quite nice and similar to the one that broke only gray. It also came with some sort of ‘computer desk’ attachment but I would have absolutely no use for that given I already have a computer desk. It could be a good stand for something though…it will depend on the price. If it’s cheaper for me to just go back to the Lot Store and buy a chair than it is to carry the one I saw home from Rite Aid, then you will see me dragging it from Reisterstown Road Plaza just as fast as my short stubby legs can muster up speed.

In the world of weird…a guy I met years ago lives really close by now. So far, we’ve been having a pretty good conversation. It’s nice actually ‘knowing’ someone here. Normally, I just go out and come back in when I have places to be. I haven’t really gotten to know the neighbors yet and most probably won’t because I’m not much of a ‘people person’ but it’s nice knowing that he’s a few blocks away.

I suppose I should explain just how I found out that he lives so close. The ex caught me as I was about to cross the street to go home and I was so sick, dizzy, and out of it from kRaMpZ that I barely recognized him. When it finally dawned on me who it was, I couldn’t believe my luck and hopped in. After a few missed turns, we soon got back to my place where he then called the friend who lives not far and asked him where he lived again. He then handed me the phone since he couldn’t hear him and when he gave me the general directions, my jaw dropped. I told him where I was and then the ex and I headed over in his car.

The ex then drove us both to Howard county and we ate at a pizza and sub place which had pretty good food. I think it’s called Jerry’s. That had been the first meal I’d had in three days and I savored the hot peppers, the mushrooms, and the olives of the cheeseless lovliness while the neighbor ate a cheesesteak sandwich or something.

Once we’d finished eating, the ex drove us around as he gave me a driving lesson and weaved in and out of traffic as much as possible. I can only speak for myself but I was gripping my seatbelt at every maneuver wishing against the mere thought of us crashing. We managed to get lost in Southwest Baltimore City and before long, the ex listened to the neighbor and took us back to our own homeground. He took him home first and gave me a few driving lessons by letting me hold the wheel while he steered as we did backward, forward, and circling driving techniques. Once that was done, he drove me home and then went on his merry way.

Did I mention that all week is a school night for me? I woke up the next day unable to move because I hadn’t had a chance to properly relax before I went to bed. I had wrongly assumed that a pair of pants were in my closet when they were in fact in a box with a piece of melted rubberband making itself at home in the fabric of one of the legs. I wore them anyway and went to school as I knew that they were clean at least.

It’s been a struggle but I’m slowly getting used to it. I figure I’ll be able to move with no pain in another week. I’d really like a nice massage right now though. *sigh*


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