Awesome Teacher

I am learning so many new things from ‘Dark Knight‘. Today, we looked at Justice League and I watched him play guitar. It was cool because I got a chance to watch his hand movements and I think I picked up a bit about how to play. When I get my own guitar, I hope I can be even one quarter as skilled. He’s like my guru or something. Either that or my Sirius Black. :p

Right now, I just want to eat my vomity dinner and finish this darn assignment. Tonight is a glorious night of Chicken Not!, spinach, and sugar water. If I have the energy, I may make a batch of veggie mashed potatoes to go with it but I’d rather be eating chinese or veggie pizza. I haven’t had fresh food in centuries it seems. I was actually daydreaming about a tomato downstairs a few moments ago. *blissful sigh*

Still, I must maintain focus and dedicate myself even more strongly to school and academia. I can’t let piddling things like lack of food and finances get in the way of my acheiving high grades and outstanding attendance.

I will (hopefully) be getting an income of sorts in a few days. There are a few medical studies that accepted me and if I can schedule this all right, won’t mess up my going to and from class. Most of the appointments are early in the morning, which means that I’m going to have to either take the pills early or not take the pills at all on those days. I can’t be falling asleep on the nice money people. One study pays a flat $198.00USD to start with a following $95.00USD per visit and the other (if I qualify) pays $100.00USD per visit once I’m enrolled. I need to find more of these things, preferably ones that don’t involve me being shot up with some kind of weird medication or vaccine.

*keeping my fingers crossed for cashflow, finance rejuvination, and actual food*


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