Feeling Good

I got some money in the bank thanks to the OPPERA study. I’ve been spending time with ‘Dark Knight‘ which has done more to boost my mood and self-confidence than anything I’ve done over the past few years either personally or professionally. I’m also not starving or sick for a change, which is quite nice compared with a snot filled nose or a throat that could guide ships in from the foggy seas.

Dark Knight‘ has also been giving me some great advice which I’ve been taking to heart. Well, most of it. One particular thing is very hard to swallow and short of betraying a personal confidence, I can’t tell him why it’s so detestable to me. Other than that, he’s a beacon of wisdom which I know he hates hearing but it’s true. Ah well…

School is going…well, I suppose. I’m still there. I’m dropping a class but I’m not crashing and withdrawing from everything as I’ve done in the past. This Depakote is really good with me, I guess. I’m drowsy but I can think and whole portions of my body aren’t swelling up with edema like they were with the other stuff.

Finished the scarf for my father and I’m now working on the one for ‘Dark Knight‘ but I need more black as well as some dark blue yarn for his. I’m going to see if I can work yarn magic and find something nice for him. It’s the least I can do for such a great friend.

I guess I could say that things are going relatively well. I’m not dead yet and if I can get through this semester without crashing, then I’m going to the beach (Atlantic Ocean beach) this Winter Intercession. I’ve never been and I want to see it.


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