Yarning for Something to Post

I haven’t forgotten this blog. I’ve had a combination of yarnlessness, really bad illness, and an increased workload at school.

Yarnlessness, I hope, will soon be fixed when I go over into the next town to buy some from the Joanns Superstore. I’ve finished the scarf for my father and I’m now itching to make one for my friend ‘Dark Knight‘ but I don’t have enough of one color and none of another that he’d prefer. While I’m up there, I might pick up some needles too because I’d like to get started on something more ambitious than a scarf but my needles are not nearly long enough to make the swatches I’d need to make the quilt I’d like to.

All of this will be occuring AFTER midterms, of course. I’m getting my ass kicked in one class and am only just starting to have a lightbulb come on in the other, so I really need to focus on that before I even consider anything else. I hope I never get ill again right at the beginning of a semester…


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