Well, I’ll Be Damned…

It’s the first line from one of my favorite songs by Joan Baez. While this person who recently requested authorization of me via Yahoo isn’t exactly the flaming passionate ghost of my memories, it’s still weird getting any type of communication from him after so long.

You see, I sent him on his way when he got all ‘Anti-Jew’ and just about every other bigotry that usually has me sending people off from being connected to me as friends and/or relationships. This also happens to be a person who ‘offered to pay me’ to marry him on paper so that he could get out of the military service of his country. In his words, he could marry me at the time to get him out of the service and then “marry a sexy wife later”. Uh huh…

And people wonder why I’m so jaded sometimes…I have been dealing with either a–holes like that, grabby feely people, or the ‘Big Brother’ crew for the majority of my life. The people who consider me the perpetual little sister, I can deal with. It’s the other two types who get on my last nerve.

Yet, this message made me think of all the others whose views eventually pushed me to being so confrontational with people like that from the get go. It can’t be defended as tolerance of another viewpoint when someone is literally discussing a ‘practical application’ for wiping out an entire group of people just because the people in question happen to be who they are. In fact, that’s plain bullshit and I’d rather stay alone than put up with that in my life on a regular basis. This goes for anyone and not just one small group too.

So sorry but no, I don’t think any lines of communication will be opening anytime soon. You and I are not talking for a damn good reason. You turn my stomach, and not in a good way, so I’d appreciate it if you’d stop asking for authorization. Come to think of it, I’d appreciate it if a lot of the other ghosts would follow suit.

There, I feel better. Now if only I had some Ginger Beer.


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