Knitting Startup

I’ve decided to stick my toe into the tepid waters of commerce…again.

When I was younger, friends and I often had lofty ideals of starting one business or another and after I put concerted effort into said business, they’d normally get cold feet and back out. Thankfully, we’d not made any customer base at the time, so I didn’t have any debt or obligations but for my time and effort into making websites, graphics, etc.

I’m making plans to do this myself. Obviously, in posting it here, it’s a knitting business. (What did you think it was? A fast food chain? :p) I plan on knitting stuff and selling it for profit. As I get better with the practice, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get better prices for my stuff. This is in no way my main income for now but a sideline while I see how it works out. If I find I am making a tidy sum from doing knitting, then I’ll pour more effort into it beyond practice and fun. My ultimate goal is to get a knitting machine to speed up the work but still incorporate my own designs and patterns.

I’ve made scarves, a badly knitted hat, and a pair of badly knitted adult bootie slippers so far. I’m working on expanding my knowledge of stitches as well as my pattern repertoire. When I have the money, I’m going into the next town to buy more colors and types of yarn as well as more needle sizes and types.

I really hope this works. This fits in way more with my mental line than having to deal with a screaming boss or a group of people descending in a swarm upon me looking for answers I don’t have. *sigh*


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