Googles Blogger Beta

Thank you so much. I would have been lost without your guiding wisdom. You are as a sage unto my novice mind and I salute you.

Oh yes, I am inclined to be cheesy.

I started another blog (avoids tomatoes and various other rotting vegetation hurled in my direction) for the sole purpose to sell my stuff both online and off. I figured it was easier and safer (heh) than giving someone the full directions to my house with an invitation. It’s not so bad except that it’s on the new Google Blogger Beta system rather than the Ye Olde Blogger system. I prefer the older model as I like being forced to edit things in my template by hand.

Heck, I wouldn’t have learned any html at all but for the constant need to do links and stuff in blogs. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I could do at least basic html. Kinky, I know.

All in all, the page itself seems to be working out well. I (fingers, toes, tits, and eyes crossed) might have made a sale already which will keep my pet bank account from going hungry for a while. I really must name that account one of these days… If only Freevote were still active. I could set up a poll but I digress.

Anyway, the sale (hopefully!) will be for two of my videos, six books, and five CDs. I really hope this sale goes through. PLEAAAAAAASE let this sale go through. All the credit is directly due to this page which shows a listing of all the things I happen to have up for grabs. Instead of bemoaning the loss of my listing under the throngs of other postings for toes to suck, Artist paying $$$ for nude models (call me!), and broken cell phones, I can just refer to the blog via link and all my stuff is still there. Plus, I can take the single link everywhere without having to remember each individual pages contents for sale. It’s all there in each post.

So, I’m happy but I’ll be damned if I switch my main blogs over to the beta until they can leave my specific tweakings alone. Now, to go in search of the subject of this Best of Craigslist posting

Hey, a girl can dream, right? :p


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