A Challenge

Today was productive. I laid down a challenge to actors fan websites I happen to be an admirer of. The webmasters for the #1 David Hewlett Fansite and Kevin Durand, the Ultimate page just got an e-mail from me imploring them to consider the possibility of asking the fans of the above named actors to donate blood in their names.

I just hope that this will work. I keep thinking about how much my local alone needs blood, especially with the upcoming holidays (spring break here), and how hard it normally is for them to get people to come to donate in the first place. When I come in for apheresis, I normally see a lot of the same faces in the chairs donating and I’d like to see plasma and platelet donors outnumber the whole blood donors for a change.

I’ve tried directly asking people and groups of individuals on sites like Stumbleupon but didn’t get much of a reaction even if I got a lot of vocal (textual) support about how noble the cause was. I figure I have a better possibility of achieving something if I implore a large enough fan base as exists on the fan sites for those two actors. I’m not getting my hopes up about it but I am wishing that the idea of this will spread to a few other sites and even more potential donors will go to their local facilities to donate and get registered for bone marrow donation.

Anyway, it’s worth a shot to try…

Addendum 12 March 2007: I just hit Blogshares via the text ads. I suppose I should have put this in the original appeal but better late than never.

If a person can’t give blood product themselves then they should get three people to do it in their place. If those three people, for whatever reason, cannot give then the same applies to them.

The same also applies as far as what to give in name of. If you’re doing it because you saw it on Stumbleupon, Blogshares, or anywhere else then just say you’re giving in the name of _____.

Again, I’m really hoping that this will work.


2 thoughts on “A Challenge

  1. Hi there!

    I got this message through Google alerts 🙂

    I think it’s a fantastic idea, though sadly I can’t give blood per doctor’s orders, but I hope others do!



  2. Hi sueKay!

    Not being able to give yourself isn’t a deterrent from this campaign. If you can’t give then please get three people to donate in your place who can, and it would count.

    That way it would not only be the representative three people the Red Cross often says that one donor could help but in reality it would help nine people according to their criteria.

    Go for it and thanks for replying! 🙂


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