Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is…Tim The Not So Enchanting…

Wow, I guess K-K-Kramer gets to come in out from the proverbial cold. The recent comments of Tim Hardaway may well have done for Michael Richards what Michael Richards did for Mel Gibson. Okay, most probably not. Gibson had alcohol as cover for him when compared with Richards. He’s the classic example of just the kind of people I avoided like the plague in my old neighborhoods, schools, and other centers of congregation. My motive in avoiding them wasn’t fear but one of outright anger and indignation. It’s a bit like the hypocrisy of them claiming to be anti-racism, anti-abuse, and positive role models for people only to see them show up five seconds later talking about “how they’d like to see all of the _____ wiped off the face of the Earth”.

I find it very interesting that a number of people still minimize the genuine discrimination faced by the LGBT community when stuff like that, among many other much worse situations, keep happening with little to no serious investigation in some quarters. While I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions I am curious as to why no one is willing to tolerate the ‘N’ Bomb and other derogatory epithets being hurled. Yet when it comes to LGBT people, suddenly it’s an acceptable free for all?

It’s something to consider. Take any epithet you want to hurl at someone and replace it with another. If it sounds like something you’d find discomfort in using then don’t use it. That’s a very cool lesson I learned a long time ago on DC Pagan.


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