Polyandry Flag – Been Fiddling With Paint Again…Sorry

I don’t know why I did it yesterday. I just searched on Google for anything about a flag for the Polyandrous and their supporters but couldn’t find one. When I realized that there wasn’t one (to the best of my knowledge) I started messing around in paint with a design that just came into my head. I immediately thought of the symbols for Mars and Venus (Masculine and Feminine) joined over earth tones set against a Rainbow flag which represents diversity and affinity with not only the overall Poly community but with the LGBT community as well.

KaliTime's Polyandry Flag Design

I don’t know, it just came to me. So I put it up on a web page and shifted it to a few friends via Stumbleupon as well as a few e-mail lists I’m a member of.

If people like it, then cool. Please show your appreciation by getting me something from my wishlist. If not, then please feel free to buy me two things from my wishlist to show your revulsion and hatred of the design. 😀


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