SDA Scarf Was A Success!

I gave the nice church lady the scarf I’d been making for her for weeks now and she really seemed to love it. Just before she came here to deliver a few food items, I managed to get a few snapshots of it. I’m only including one here because I’m lazy.

SDA scarf, pink and gray horizontal bar pattern. 6' in length with tassles of same color.

In reflecting on these past few weeks of work, it was pretty fun doing this. The scarf itself is pink and gray, set in a horizontal bar pattern of thirteen stitches per bar adding up to fifteen bars total. The tassles are made of both gray and pink strands each approximately six inches in length and the entire scarf is over six feet. Now that I’ve done this, doing the Doctor Who scarf is going to seem like a cakewalk.

Now I just have to do everyone elses scarf. This is getting to be so much fun that I don’t mind. When I go into the bank the next time I’m there, I’m planning on counting the tellers to see how many I can knit. Since the guy next door to us shovelled our pavement when he didn’t have to, I’m making him one as well. I just wrote an e-mail to my sister asking her new address so I can send one to her and I plan on knitting a replacement for the one I made for my father but sold for the first money I earned. I’m making some for the secretaries at the NBC and most probably the ones at HCH too. I’m also making a bunch for my friends after I make the ARC lady her booties and measure her head for her hat. I’m going to be doing quite a bit of knitting.

I also got another commission from the daughter of my first customer for a hat and scarf set in pink. *vomit*

Needless to say, it’s not my favorite color but if she’s paying…

As I was doing an entry the other day on my main whiner blog, I inserted my Knitting Wishlist, imploring whoever was reading to consider buying me something. In truth, I was down in the dumps due to family stuff. Anywho, I’ll let you read for yourself if you actually want to. No need to rehash it all here. My point is that in the process of getting the tiny url for the list, I loaded the website itself and ended up having a problem with Yarn Lust all over again. I opened tab after tab on FF as I tried to add as many new colors and types to my wishlist but eventually my computer went on strike due to unsafe and overzealous working conditions.

Still, the pangs of desire burn within me for yarn and/or needles. I don’t know if it’s normal for someone to get aroused from reading gardening and knitting catalogues. Not sexually, mind you, but just aroused overall much in the same way one would get in watching the All Blacks perform the Haka or in watching the match of the century involving ones all time favorite team. That sort of arousal is what I’m referring to. The overwhelming rush of adrenaline which overtakes the body before one has time to even think and take in what is going on. I want yarn and in all possible colors. 😦


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