Apheresis Scheduled

I have an appointment for apheresis today but, sadly, I kind of hope I don’t make it for a change. I am up for possibly getting $100.00USD for cytapheresis on 12 March if I can just get/keep my hematocrit at 38% or better. Once they stick that needle in my arm, even if my count is 22%, they still have to pay me.

So, excuse my greed but I’ve got bills to pay.

If I make it today I will give but I am hoping I won’t. This will, of course, invoke all that is Murphy’s law by causing my crit to skyrocket to well above 40% despite just having a menstruation and not eating anything for the past five days. Yep, I’m weird that way. Even so, wish me unluck and a crit below 37%.


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