And For My Next Trick…

I booboo’d and big time. I was attempting to to the responsible thing and open a Checking account so as not to use the dreaded credit card anymore. Only problem is, I inadvertently put $25.00USD I didn’t have into the account despite earmarking the account to automatically withdraw the $25.00USD I did have.

With that bit of loveliness, I now have a hole in the red for my savings account. Hopefully, I can fill it soon with the money I’m hoping to get from the White Blood cell donating thing and a few sales. I’m hoovering enough iron rich foods down to make anyone sick, so if my crit isn’t up this time, I think I’m going to scream.

It’s $100.00USD, come on body ‘o mine, learn greed!

If I can drop that into my account, I’ll be good for spending on my checking account since I’ll have the coverage for it. This will enable me to leave that f*cking credit card alone once and for all. I think they’re going to cry for me not using it to buy or pay for something. Ah well, this is the price for charging me so much interest. Once it’s fully paid off, see if I use it for anything. Ass rippers.

I’m planning on getting a paypal account to cover my eventual return to on line shopping, so I’ll have no justifiable use for that card when I finally get everything set up the way I want. Heh, I might even put a button on my blogs because, quite honestly, I am strapped and not ashamed of admitting it. It will also be good once I’m established enough to sell on line as people would have a more secure means of paying me for the stuff I’ll be selling. Things are going slowly, but they are moving forward. That’s something I am proud of.

I want to go back to school! I actually miss it despite being either hypo manic, depressed, or in the throws of Lithium toxicity more than half the time I was there. Now that I can’t go, I find myself missing the smell of the place, the way the sun shines specifically on that campus, the woods, the air, the weirdos running around in too tight Lycra spandex pants as part of their workout routines. No, I don’t mean women…or even physically flattering men. @_@

In the meantime, I knit. I knit…and knit…and knit…and knit…and knit at the tune of $10.00USD per scarf, $5.00USD per pair of booties, and 10.00USD per hat.

I can’t wait until I have enough to put up on Craigslist and eBay. I have two commissions right now that I’m working on which should bring in a good $50.00USD if I’m quick enough with the needles. Booties and a hat, and a scarf and a hat. I’m totally going to split it between my bank accounts and getting more yarn.


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