In Future…

Remind me to leave my nice looking Yarn sitting all over the living room floor. I just got another commission today just from doing that. The previous Church lady saw my big ball of white acrylic yarn and immediately asked for a scarf.

Now, who am I to say no?

Between the hat and scarf I’m making for her daughter and the scarf I’m making for her, that’s $45.00USD. Add that to the $20.00USD I’m getting from one commission and the probable recommendation I’ll get from making the gift for the SDA Church lady, I’m liable to be in it. I probably shouldn’t count my chickens before they’ve hatched though. I only know for sure about the three sales mentioned above.

Still…it would be nice. 🙂

Pleeeeeease let this work out. I’ve been knitting like a psycho all day long and I’m currently a little under half finished the daughters scarf. The more and faster I work, the quicker I can get this money. Believe me, I need this money. I want to get my bank accounts straight just in case my thing at Cytapheresis doesn’t go according to plans. Fingers crossed that it does but even so, who’s saying no to a few extra dollars?

Once I finish the commission, I can get back to knitting the scarves for the nice people next door and the scarves and booties for my friends.

So, if you see me on line before Friday and I’m not knitting, yell at me. You’ve got my full permission. 1-410-753-4951.


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