A Little Vote Magic

I just voted this blogs categories in for Blogshares. I happen to be female, I happen to be from (and write a good deal about) Baltimore (this is the Baltimore Metropolitan area, so…), I happen to live in the general Woodlawn area (like I’m gonna give you my exact address) and, duh, all of this is occurring in the state of Maryland.

I just wanted to put this post up in particular in case someone accuses me of illegal voting.

Now on to other stuff.

I still haven’t finished the ladies scarf and I’m nowhere near the hat. I keep asking my mother to help me but she’s pretending she can’t do anything with knitting needles and won’t even move towards trying. So, it’s going to be a marathon but I will get this done.

Come to think of it, I had better stop being a naked blogger and get started on the project.


2 thoughts on “A Little Vote Magic

  1. I am the moderator for your votes from blogshares and I appreciate you making it easy for me to mod and approve your location votes. Have a great day.

    – Enigma (BSID 46360)


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