Sexualisation ‘harms’ young girls

I should think so. Why this society has such a shameful double standard when it comes to maturity rates between boys and girls is disturbing. A child is a child is a child. Plain and simple. Why some people seem hell bent on forcing children to grow up beyond their years and at a rate that’s obviously not comfortable to them is alarming to me. Yes, I am speaking from personal experience here and no, it sure as hell wasn’t fun or character developing as some might like to believe.

No eight year old should ever be oogled by 40 year old men.

No seven year old should ever be ‘accused‘ of “bringing attention” on herself over the actions of an adult person just by reason of having precocious puberty.

No four year old should ever be blamed for something they had no control over or be punished for the same thing despite the other person being years older, bigger, and stronger.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some walls to punch holes in.

Sexualisation ‘harms’ young girls

The media’s portrayal of young women as sex objects harms girls’ mental and physical health, US experts warn.

Magazines, television, video games and music videos all have a detrimental effect, a task force from the American Psychological Association reported.

Sexualisation can lead to a lack of confidence with their bodies as well as depression and eating disorders. (More and More)


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