Good Grief

I have been neglecting this blog for quite a bit.

In truth, between being ill with a cold that seems to have developed electronic transmission properties and being deferred a few weeks ago, I haven’t been up to writing here. I am feeling better now though and I plan on making an appointment ASAP to donate.

I most probably won’t make it due to my usual issue with low hematocrit but I figure I might as well give it the college try. It was ironic the last time. I actually was just below the minimum at 37.2%. While it’s actually quite healthy for a woman who’s pre-menopausal, it’s just below their recommended level of 38%.

One of the many things I love about my local is their attention to the Consent Decree as defined by their agreement with the government to collect blood products for distribution by health facilities. Given that this is mandatory for them, I really respect how they ALWAYS follow protocol and go through each and every bit of paperwork, notification, and question with potential donors before allowing any donation procedure to begin. To do otherwise would get them into trouble with the Federal Government and the local Health Department. When they come across someone who cannot donate, they don’t get through. Plain and simple.

They’re consummate professionals and, let me tell you, I don’t put my recommendations about people up lightly.

So for any and all who are due for a donation, or who’ve not done so yet, please consider contacting your local blood donation center and see about giving. It’s a selfless act of humanity and can go a long way towards helping another human being.

True, you might run across some who’d do anything to stop others from donating  for a variety of reasons but trust me when I tell you that it’s a pretty good experience to participate in if you’re healthy and able to.


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