Recent Comments Regarding Apheresis

I admit I’ve been sitting on this one for a quite bit by my standards. While it is blood product related, the tone in which the entity who commented wrote in their two comments was as such that I was going to ignore and delete. Then I came across this post and decided to address these comments in the name of fairness and free speech. The post prior to this is also technically related in that parts of it were fed by my initial reaction to reading the comments for the first time. When my head cooled down enough to think on the matter I was better able to consider this from a more logical aspect.

For anyone who would like to see the unmodified comments, please check the posts here and here. I only just got them myself via e-mail because I’ve not been well due to medication related illness over the past few weeks.

First, I am calling you out for the spammer you are. I decided to search online for any other places you might have posted to and found your footprint on google well on its way to becoming an Amazon-esque shill. (here and here as of 19 April 2007)

I am seriously recommending you get a Xanga or something rather than making life difficult for everyone with a blog that happens to make a post about the ARC, blood product donation, Apheresis, and any other topic you seem to be finding offense with. After all, they’re free.

Now, your comments. In the first, you went on for quite a bit about how your local didn’t do things according to procedure. If this happened, then you should have reported them to both the FDA and the Health Department in your area because to not notify you of everything is a violation of the Consent Decree the ARC entered into with the government in order to get licensing to collect blood products. To drag the common name of every ARC donation center through the mud based solely on your experience at one facility is bordering on the extreme. If you’re to be believed, then even you must know that not every local behaves in the same manner as your experience. It’s your responsibility to read all the information you’re given as well as listen to what the phlebotomist is telling you when they do the interviews and updated information notifications. It’s also your responsibility to ask questions about anything that might seem unclear to you.

Mind you, you’d have a lot more credibility with me if you’d not decided to use all caps (the equivalent of shouting) in your second comment. Writing in this manner had absolutely no effect in my approval or disapproval of your statements beyond ignoring you for as long as I did (two days). Based on your writings, I had determined you a spammer and had you in the queue for cleanup. The only thing that honestly did prevent me deleting you was the above mentioned blog post from the referenced site about negative comments.

Your credibility level is made even lower in my eyes by your shill behavior.

Finally, this blog is about rational discussion regarding the ups and downs of donation. It is not a forum for people who have a personal axe to grind with the ARC. Kindly take it elsewhere because beyond today, your comments will not show up here.

I hope you find peace and I wish you well on your journey. Regardless of our differences I appreciate your visitation to this blog.


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