Knitting Fanaticism

I finally managed to get up to the JoAnns in Owings Mills yesterday afternoon.

All in all, it’s a pretty great place and I managed to pick up quite a few nice things there including a nice storage tub for all the yarn I’m slowly collecting, three new pairs of needles (sizes 8US, 3US Single Point, and 6US circular). I still need more sizes but I wanted to stay in budget and get only the things that I knew I’d need for the upcoming stuff.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a specific color of yarn I was looking for. Pastel yellow was all around but the more vibrant “Sunflower” shade of Caron Yarn was nowhere to be found and I need more than a few skeins for what I’d like to achieve. I was really looking forward to starting on my winter items for myself, specifically, the “Halloween” and “Bumblebee” style patterns I’ve been carting around in my head and was hoping to try out. My idea for one would be a zigzag pattern of orange, brown, and/or black for the Halloween items and the classic yellow and black striped pattern for the “Bumblebee” items. I was hoping to try making a scarf, hat, and maybe (ambitiously) a sweater, socks, tights, and/or gloves.

Sad for me that the items weren’t in there. I’m going to have to look on the yarn sites for Lion Brand and Caron to find the color and weight I’ll need to make each item. For the socks, I know I’m going to need the 3US or 6US, but I think the scarf and hat might be more forgiving and won’t have as much of a problem with the 8US needles as it’s worsted weight. I’m wishing myself luck in finding a deal online for a large amount. eBay seems to have a few but my finances are very limited.

I’ll have to see if I can consider it as a resource. If I can’t then a deal on either JoAnns, Amazon (HA!), or some other cheap yarn site might be in order.

Other than that I’ve gotten a shitload of yarn. I’ve gotten (Red Heart Lion Brand) a skein of “Royal“, a skein of “Painted Desert” a skein of “Woodsy“, a skein of “Hunter Green“, and two skeins of “Black“. This is on top of my already rather signifigant stash. I still need more though. Some of the things I want to do require A LOT of yarn…and longer circular needles.

Yes, I’m going to be busy for a while.

The only thing is that I can’t seem to get people to leave me alone while I’m trying to get used to using circular needles. Whenever I’m practicing, people feel the urgent need to stick their faces right in the way, in my light and line of sight, and consistantly ask what I’m doing before asking if I can do what I’m attempting to do. *throttle*

I’m going to pick this up. I have confidence in myself and I’ve got access to the Knitting Help site. I’ll do good for myself. The first thing I’m making is a bag for all the loose pieces of yarn left over from when I cut them off of the end of projects. I don’t like wasting anything and have been keeping these things since I first got yarn. I figure I’d find some use for them eventually but I don’t want them all over the place like they are now. Hence the bag idea. A container of some kind may also be purchased for buttons and other decorative paraphanalia.

I’m also going to be looking at my wishlist for stuff and possibly adding some things to it. I checked quite a few good books and DVDs about knitting and crochet out of the library which are quite interesting and informative. One in particular is called Odd Ball Knitting: Creative Ideas For Leftover Yarn and has given me a few ideas of my own.

I did come across something equally interesting. I saw a sale on the JoAnns site regarding a knitting loom kit being marked down to $14.99USD and I’m seriously considering buying it. According to the reviews, it allows the user to knit in a quarter of the time of needle knitting. This would be imperative if I’m to make something like a sweater or jacket. I do not want to spend the rest of my natural born life trying to knit out the various pieces of something as large as a dress, skirt, sweater, or jacket. I’m definitely going to be considering my options.

I think that’s enough for writing now. I’m still pretty worn out from going over to Owings Mills and carrying all that stuff home on the Metro System.


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