The Gifts For Sophie and Kevin

Just as I finished the hideous pink scarf for the order and was about to get started on Sophie’s gift, the stuff for Kevin’s gift came today. Given that his is going to be the larger and more difficult of the two to work with, I’m going to start on his stuff and then work on Sophie’s.

I’ve been clinging myself breathlessly to the Knitting Help site in the hopes of picking up some of the more complicated techniques to at least make this scarf look nice. I’m going to practice with my practice yarn first before I use the good stuff but I feel more confident about doing this particular technique. It’s called Double Knitting and I wanted to at least make a part of Kevin’s gift using this. I figure a reversible scarf would be nicer and if it were in knit stitch on both sides, then that would be good too but I’m making no promises.

I’m considering making a hat for him as well as with that, it’s not going to be as difficult making something reversible. All I have to do is knit one color up to a point and then switch over to a different color. The added benefit of this will be that the seam will not be as noticeable nor will the purl side. I’ve just got to pick up how to do ribbing and I’m confident I can do it.

Ah well, no time like the present to get things started. :o)

I may be gone for some time…


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