Circular Needles Be Damned

I made the first attempt at Kevin’s scarf yesterday. It didn’t go so well and I’m glad I caught the error when I did. I’d apparently made the mistake of knitting the other side of the garment into the knitting side and was on my way to making some sort of weird “Not Quite Tube”. Thankfully, I caught myself in time and rewound my yarn ball before making plans to study both books and the Knitting Help website to find out what I did wrong.

I’m attempting the Sideways Garter Stitch Scarf seen here and am trying to figure out how to do it on circular needles. I don’t want to do the standard single point needle variegated scarf and I think that this pattern looks rather nice. I also don’t have any single point needles long and thin enough that can hold the stitches necessary to make a long enough scarf for him. I’m going to test things later with the “Big Assed Knitting Needles of DOOM” to see just how many I can get away with before the length of scarf looks ridiculously short on someone his size.

On testing the yarn, I did find out one thing. The Caron does appear to be softer, so I’m glad I put out the extra to get two pounder skeins of it in addition to the Red Heart. Still, theres no way of really telling how things will turn out until they’ve been properly finished, washed, and blocked as to their texture. I made booties for myself and my mother which are half Caron/half Red Heart and, once I washed them, the two yarns were equal in softness. In fact, the Red Heart added to the strength of the Caron considerably. I knit them by using two strands of yarn instead of one in this pattern and, unlike my previous “Caron only” booties, they’re still not only going strong but seem to be durable even outside on the concrete and asphalt.

In addition to the scarf, I may make some booties off of either the above mentioned pattern or this one using the same colors and yarn. I’ve never tried making them with the knit cast on before and I feel the practice might be good. I also need the practice in learning Ribbed stitches, so it will be good practice on that front as well. It is going to be interesting though in seeing some so large a size.

I had better get back to it then. I will, of course, have pics as soon as I’m finished…whenever that is. :p


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