The Glitter Needles

A hairs breadth under a year ago (20 June 2006), I took the knitting class that set me on the path to making all the stuff I’ve made thus far.

At the time, I barely knew what to do with anything and had ordered my Susan Bates 10″ 8US Silvalume Single point straights from along with a pounder skein of black Caron yarn. I had originally intended on teaching myself to knit from a book I had but the diagrams were so badly drawn that it proved near impossible to get a handle on even the basics despite the detailed instructions.

Thankfully, it seemed as though the Multiverse was at my shoulder, encouraging me to learn because not only did an instructional knitting program come on WMPT early one Saturday morning but, on checking the Baltimore County Public Library website, I somehow ran across the advertisement for the one knitting class offered on there.

Such is my life. A weird conundrum of odd circumstances floating inexorably around me in an amusing pattern.

Anyway, I went to the class and whipped out my needles and big skein of yarn when a mother and daughter came in with bags from Joann’s just as the class was starting. They’d apparently come from a sale there and purchased a bunch of yarn, as well as the needles that have tormented me for nearly a year.

When I saw them, I swore to myself that I’d go up there and get a pair myself but sadly, my financial resources were highly limited and I wasn’t able to make it up there. I did search the website like a hawk but could find no mention or trace that the needles ever existed. I never gave up looking though and would spend at least two hours a week searching on all the knitting sites, the bowels of every search engine I could hit, and the Joann’s site.

Fast forward to last night and my running across this forum post while following my regular habit. I followed the link provided in the post and took a dive into the archives of QueerJoe’s Knitting Blog where I found THEM in the March 2006 archives!

I just posted a comment on the blog in the hopes that he’ll tell me something about them and where I might find them if they’re still available. I’m on pins and needles. 0_o


2 thoughts on “The Glitter Needles

  1. KTC…The brand name on the front of the label is Jo-Ann CraftEssentials. The title
    of the product is Plastic glitter knitting needles. The suggested retail price
    on the label is $9.99 with a product number under the price of 7995145.
    Finally, there is a bar code, with SKU # of 0740409358, and they are, of course,
    made in China.

    There is currently a set on eBay that is slated to finish sometime tomorrow:

    Good luck in finding them.


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