Yarn Yarn Lovely Yarn!

As soon as I go down to pay this blood installment on my CC, I’m going to get on here and buy $20.00USD worth of knitting supplies. It’s not like I need to pay it but I like having a buffer zone between myself and a maxed out card. Finding a cheaper yarn and supply site has made me both giddy and anxious. Giddy because I can get more for cheaper but anxious because, with the temptation hanging over me like a pall, I know the possibility exists for me to go overboard.

I really wish this site had a wishlist system that, like with Amazon’s, could allow people to publically view and/or buy things for people without having the full details of their homes made available. I’m reasonably sure they’d do more business…on my list alone…and people would be more inclined to buy from them as they have waaaaay cheaper prices when compared with Amazon, Joann’s, and other sites.

With Joann’s site, $20.00USD would barely cover the Shipping and Handling on even one item but with this new site, I can get a bunch of stuff and I pay only $3.95USD S&H.

Even so, it’s way better than going to the stores. Thankfully, I’ve got a photographic memory when it comes to colors and yarns, so when I see the same online, I’m reasonably sure of what I’m getting. My one boo boo was with this Caron I was getting to replace the Red Heart color that closest matched “baby blue” for the scarf I’m making. Caron’s “Sky Blue” isn’t really in the same shade category and I’m wondering whether someone used high beam lights on it when they took the picture they’re using online.

Still…I’m getting YARN YARN YARN!!! Yahooooo! I’m also getting a few more sets of Susan Bates Silvalume needles, mainly circular, in different lengths so I can do more small and larger projects than my 29″ 6US needles will allow.

Enough writing. Let me get back to it then.


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