The Scarf is Now Complete!

Well, I’ve finally finished the scarf I made for Kevin. All there is to do now is to mail it out along with the other things I’m in the process of making. Everything should go out tomorrow if all goes according to plans. I just hope he likes the stuff. :-/

I took a few pictures. A few are of the scarf itself and the others are of a hat I meant to post up here when I first made it a few months ago. I apologize in advance for the lighting. Just as I was taking the pictures, a storm system passed over and took my good Southern Exposure.

The colors used in each item are:

Scarf – Caron Royalty Blue and Red Heart Light Blue
Hat – Caron Black, Caron Country Rose, and Red Heart Gray

As far as I can recall, the hat took a little over three hours to make with a basic k1p1 stitch with 10″ size 8US Susan Bates Silvalume needles where I cast on 66st initially before decreasing every few rows until I wound up with twelve on the needle. I did a knit bind off and then sewed it all together into what you see.

With the scarf, it took me technically three days but I dragged it out over a week and a half. It was my first time using circular needles for such a task and it took some getting used to not having to constantly flip the entire work once I’d gotten to the end of a row. The scarf was done with a basic k1 stitch and was made by casting on 250st. He’s pretty tall (6ft, 6in) and I wanted to make absolutely sure it would be long enough for him. I did this all on 29″ size 6US Susan Bates Silvalume circulars. The scarf is pretty long. I’m 5’1.25″ and it comes down past my knees when I wear it on my neck.

All I really have to do now is wash it to get the stitches to even out, make the other stuff that’s going with it, and mail all of it off tomorrow first thing.

Me feel accomplished. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Scarf is Now Complete!

  1. I did more horror to it and will be putting the pictures up in a few days. I learned how to make pom poms and put one on the hat. I also stitched the rim up to keep it from rolling around.

    Eh, I like it. :p

    As soon as I finish with these other three things I have to make, I’m making a matching scarf for that hat.


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