I’m doing the Dance of Joy

Oooooh, I am finally on my way to an egalitarian, altruistic endeavor!

I am going to the American Red Cross on this fine Sunday morning (uncanny early for me as my appointment isn’t until 1pm) to give Apheresis the college try. When I can make the numbers, I usually give at least once a month. My platelet count is normally through the roof (over 300,000) and they threatened me with the Comfy Couch as well as the Soft Cushions if ever I came in to do Whole Blood again. It’s also something I like doing because it’s a chance to help out even if only in such a small way. A lot of people doing a little in concert can effect a large change with enough motivation behind their goal. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this one will work.

I will make it! I will make it! I will make it!

The phlebotomist there says I most likely won’t make it due to my notoriously low iron levels but I’m keeping my hopes up and trying to use the same uncanny (the word of the day) power that somehow caused my crit to be up for the $100.00USD per donation Leukapheresis study, money to fly into my hands at exactly the right time, and caused me to lose at least ten pounds over the course of three days for the fitting of my khaki pants.

I am imploring you to put forth an effort for the cause of donation. If you’re eligible to donate, then please do so yourself and get three people to donate with you with instructions for them to do the same. It will be sort of like an unbroken web and/or pyramid scheme of blood product donation only, unlike a confidence trickster scheme, there will be a positive outcome.

If you’re ineligible, please continue the web anyway and get five rather than three people to donate in your place, giving them the same instructions to do as you’re doing in the same unbroken web.

Hopefully, this will all work and people will donate in good faith for all the people out there who need blood product for emergency and/or required medical procedures.

There are several ways you can donate and help others out. My favorite method happens to be Plasmapheresis and Plateletpheresis but it’s by no means the only method.

The list of procedures are as follows:

Apheresis – Including Plasmapheresis, Plateletpheresis, and Double Red Cell Donation.

Whole Blood Donation

For people with low iron and who’ve given previously, I’d highly suggest the former (with the exception of Double Red) as the recovery time for red cell loss (hematocrit) is much better and the amount of time until you’re eligible to give again is much less.

For people who are first time donors, I’d recommend Whole Blood donation first in order to be properly typed and to determine whether you can actually give with no problems.

For those of you who are the Steve Austins of Hematocrit (rotten bastards…), I’d recommend Whole Blood if it’s your first time and some type of Apheresis like Double Red Cell Donation if you’ve given Whole Blood before and are comfortable with trying a new procedure.

Please discuss your available options with the phlebotomist on site.


I am a git who is obsessed with getting people to donate…and Doctor Who but that’s beside the point.

People need you. Go and give gosh darn it!

If you do give, I’ll…I’ll give you a hug if ever we meet! 🙂


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