More From The Nutty Knit House

No sooner than my announcement of Leslie’s gift, I find out that I’m due to knit the third in line of baby blankets for friends/relatives. In addition to knitting this new blanket, I’m also to do booties and…I finally get to use both baby yarn and my small gauge needles. I feel awesome.

Right now, I’m resting between orders by making gifts and studying. Once this is all over, I owe it to myself to make a hat and scarf set for me. Basic black and probably Red Heart’s Supersaver Fall Multicolor. Now that I can make pom poms and have made my own damn pom pom maker (take that high priced name brand fuckers!) out of a plastic card blank, all I really have to do is knit it up and finish it off. I need to get a few things after learning this: more blanks in different sizes with which to make pom pom makers, more victims…I mean receivers for the things I’ll be making, and more yarn in as wide a variety of colors as possible.

The blanks could most probably be made with tape sealed pieces of cardboard boxes. If I can find them in plastic though, I’m grabbing them as fast as I can. Cardboard is cheaper but plastic is forever…well, has a longer half life.

The vic…receivers- well, take your pick. I have enough friends, family I like, and people on my friends lists to torment with my hideous creations. Plus, I’m an admirer of a few tiny miniscule number of people who I’d not mind making something for.

Yarn…I love yarn. I could float off in a dreamy world comprised of yarn if it weren’t for the whole starvation/dehydration/bathing/lack of a WC bidet thing.

*shakes head clear*

This is probably the most cost prohibitive part of this whole endeavor. Ten to one, no one is going toss me their unwanted yarn every five seconds (I am not struggling to get away if you DO want to), so I’m left with only what I can purchase and that’s not much most times. Between those luxuries of eating, paying bills, buying necessary sundry, and transportation costs to required medical appointments, theres usually not much left over for me to get anything.

One thing I’ve done that I still can’t believe…I’ve cut down the wishlist of dOoM. My wishlist was so long at one point that it took up five pages in compact mode. Most of it was for yarn but I’ve found that there are cheaper yarn sites out there and, due to my cheapness, I’m only going to put the extremely hard to find stuff on my wishlist from now on. What I do have on there presently is a load of books and instructional DVDs. In addition to that I have, as always, the gift certificate thing. In the long run it might actually be the best gift. No shipping and handling and an automatic transfer of benefits.

I’m a bit tired now. I spent most of last night/early this morning knitting for instructional learning. Zzzzzz…..


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