Knitting Contest: Year Up

After posting the previous blurb on this blog, I decided to let my mouse do the walking on some of the site links. I’d not traversed this blog in a while and surfed over to QueerJoe’s Knitting Blog. While there, I came across a mention about this contest for bloggers and figured I should post about it. It’s better than a crappy “I was an underprivileged inner city student…” comment.

Heck, I actually was an underprivileged Inner City Special Ed student. I wish something like this had been around when I was a kid. It might have made the difference for a lot of people I grew up with.

Gosh, that made me sound so old. 😦

Go and participate in this whether you put in for the contest or not. I’ll dedicate a snowflake in your honor when next I see one. 🙂

Now I really am going downstairs to do some more knitting on Leslie’s gift! *determined Gerbil growl*


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