Leslie’s Scarf Is Done

I’ve finished the scarf and now all that remains is the hat.

Just one problem: I forgot what I did before to make the other three hats I have in my possession. You see, one was an accidental creation. The second was waaaaaaaaaaay to big to be practical and I’m still trying to figure out how to make it wearable. The third was me fooling around and, once I found out that I was on to something, I just kept going until I finished.

I daren’t practice this with the good yarn I intend on using to make the hat itself, so I’m left with practice yarn and a very short memory.

At least I’ve gotten the pattern down though.

I’m starting off with 60 cast on stitches in Royal Blue yarn. This will be in a k2 p2 ribbed stitch for about six inches into the hat. From there, it’s going to be the same color in a k1 p1 stockinette stitch the rest of the hat with the first color alteration (Black) happening six inches from the ribbed line. The second color will be three inches until the piece goes into the third color, the Bon Bon yarn, until the yarn is used up when its replaced by the second color for another three inches. From there, I’ll switch back to the Royal Blue for the rest of the hat: putting in another four inches before I begin decreasing until there are twenty stitches left on the needle. From there, I’ll bind off and sew the top together in a cross pattern.

I remember all the individual pieces of how to do this and am currently teaching myself how to do Ribbed stitch but I can’t seem to remember how to put it all together. Grrr.

More to the point, I’m making this hat on the 16″ circulars because I want it to be seamless. I’ve even got knitting and purling down on those but…errr.

I think a visit to the Knitting Help site might do me some good. In the meantime, I’m going to practice making swatches so I can figure out Ribbed Stitch until I’m comfortable doing it for a long period of time. This is going to take quite a bit of practice.


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