Leslie is going to crap herself

At least she’d better. I put a lot of work into this gift. Then again, she’s well worth it. We’ve been best friends since 1999.

In this post may be found pictures of both the hat and scarf I made for her. The yarns used were Red Heart “Bon Bon” and Caron’s “Royalty Blue”.

I decided against a pom pom and tassles on the scarf as they’re both so eye catching that such embellishments would only detract from the items themselves.


Now that I’ve got this done. Two more items for others and then it’s ME TIME!!!! *maniacal cackling*


2 thoughts on “Leslie is going to crap herself

  1. hey how about a link exchange with you on here. Whatever you want on blogshares I will send it to you. Just drop by my blog and leave the link to here and tell me what you want. Chips? B$? Whatever it is I will get it to you…


  2. You know my rules LOL.


    In sane terms: Donate blood product (whole blood, apheresis, etc), and if you cannot donate yourself, get at least three (but preferably more) people to donate in your place. Instruct those same people who CAN donate to also get three people to donate with the same instructions.

    If your three people cannot donate then you find three others who can and instruct the ones who cannot to find five others to replace their thwarted donation with instructions for those other five to also find five and so on.

    To me, that is far better than any link, money, book, yarn, or (dare I say it?) snog from Christopher Eccleston. That’s saying something. I’m a huge Nine Thrall.


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