Maryland, My Maryland

Earlier, I put in a letter to the Governor regarding Craig Ferguson’s honorary citizenship thing. I don’t know what may come of it but I’m hopeful that he’ll get it here.

I seem to be on a letter writing bonanza lately. I also wrote out the formal Disassociation letter that will be sent to the JWs ASAP. It’s something I’ve been planning to do for a while now but never got around to it. The reason I’m so determined to do it now is due to the fact that they’re now asking for me specifically at the door and showing my mother rudeness in response to her polite answers that I’m not interested. If I’d known they did that, I would have flung that proselytizer back to the stone age with a verbal lashing.

Yet one more strike against thee. Keep moving yourself to the top of my shit list.

Other than that, not much has been happening here. I’m in the process of knitting Kevin’s hat and I (honestly!) should have it done before the end of the week. I promised it to him by early September and by hook or by crook, it will get there by then or before.

I also managed to finish Leslie’s stuff and will be mailing that out as well. It looks pretty nice too. Even better than I thought it would.

I’m also now free of the North Baltimore Center. Not that all portions of it were like a prison but there were a few there who got up my nose enough that my preference was to get out while I could. I like the new place. It’s closer, quieter, less crowded, and close to vast amounts of reading material at my second home, the Library. It’s also convenient in that all my services are under one system again. That alone is worth the switch. Even so, I’m going to miss quite a few people there. 😦

I’ll knit them all something. Most probably scarves. I’ve had my fill of hats for the present. I’m just going to make one more, for myself, and then I’m taking a break.

I’m kind of tired right now. I’ve not slept in a few days, so I’m going to drop my pills, get dinner started, shower, and get back to knitting with aspirations of dropping off to sleep.

Some type of “Ninth Doctor” Doctor Who related stuff might be involved in this chain of events but I’m not sure where.

I’m going to shamelessly drop hints that I’d not mind something off of my wishlist before I go. Zzzzzz….


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