Kids Are So Cool

It’s amazing to me how cool kids are. I’m sitting in the doctors office today and this kid was highly interested in my “yarning” and asked me if I could teach him. He picked it up right away too.

What a shame grown ups limit themselves from learning. 😦


2 thoughts on “Kids Are So Cool

  1. how sweet! i love that, and especially that it was a boy. I’m glad you took the time to work with him too. How kind of you! Thanks for sharing such a nice story 🙂


  2. He was a pretty cool intelligent kid. He couldn’t have been more than five but he was really keen on learning knitting and…talking about eating blue poop.

    It’s weird the mix of conversations you can have with kids LOL.

    I do hope he takes it up though. He picked it up really quickly.

    As to the guy I’m making the hat for, I’m going to tell him about the history of contributing knitters to it. I think he’s going to like it.


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